Freqently Asked Questions

Q: What is your fee for a one-day event?

A: I don’t have a set fee. A donation of any amount is always appreciated but never required.

Q: Do you supply any promotional materials for advertising the event?

A: Logos, a bio, and photos will be provided for any material you choose to print. Also, if you would like a church-specific video for your group to use on social media or during your announcement time at church, we will provide that prior to your event.

Q: What information do you cover when you speak?

A: Most of what I talk about is information contained within the You. Are. Loved. book. The book sets the stage for free ongoing discipleship material that can be found at the site.

Q: Is the book required to continue with the ongoing discipleship?

A: Not at all. Feel free to download the free web chapters monthly. Also, join us at the You. Are. Loved. Facebook Community page for additional content.

Q: Do you sell books at your event?

A: Yes. We will have books available for sale at special event pricing ranging from 23%-33% off.