News and Social Media

I hate the news these days. Actually, for years I have and rarely watch it. The truth is distorted based on biased viewpoints, and very rarely do I trust what’s being told. Another thing I hate is my growing skepticism, but I dare not trust an industry with such a track record of lies. You can flip from one liberal station to another and actually hear the exact same phrases being repeated, talking points of an overarching agenda being assimilated. I don’t like being lied to. I don’t like being played. That’s exactly what they’re doing.

Even sources we used to depend on to be fair and balanced are now under the firm control of media moguls. I don’t trust them either and watch them with disdain as they walk the tightrope of trying to appear to be a conservative voice.

And I’ve most always hated social media, though I’ve had to use it for book purposes to stay in touch with my readers. **That’s me, by the way, love or hate, almost never an in-the-middle kind of girl.

Just days before my Facebook account was hijacked, I had discussed social media with the Lord and told Him I really was considering getting rid of my accounts. Something had been happening within me for years, an unexplainable discomfort when I was on any form of social media. People can be meaner there and get away with it. They can pretend to be what they’re not. The pretense of our friends and acquaintances, their overinflated depiction of their lives, feeds discontent in our own blah lives. I just know my peace was stolen when I lingered there, reading posts written in anger and apathy and arrogance.

I woke on April 1st to a series of one a.m. messages from Facebook that someone was trying to reset my password. Only because I had a page related to my books did I even try and recover my account. I tried every avenue through Facebook, and nothing worked. Not so broken hearted, I shrugged it off and considered it was simply God’s agreement with me that I could step away. I deleted my accounts on all other platforms and haven’t looked back. I do regret that I can’t access messages from readers and that they think I’m just not responding to their correspondence. But other than that, I don’t miss it even an ounce.

The censoring, de-platforming, and canceling of conservative voices should concern us all. The fact that so many people see what Facebook and Twitter are doing to our freedoms and still remain on those social media platforms is a mystery to me, but to each his own. In hindsight, with social media’s role in propagating our “woke” younger generation, I wish I would have never allowed any social media into my home. Most parents have no clue how our young people have been misshaped by views contrary to our traditional Christian values.

With all this in mind, I have cultivated a few sources that I find more trustworthy. I still don’t watch or read much news. I do, however, read plenty of headlines to keep apprised of what’s going on. That way I can further investigate news that’s relative to what I’m writing.



NewsMax is a strong, ultra-conservative media voice. I read and watch online occasionally, but the cable news program has become my husband’s go-to news network (over Fox News) for current events, politics, U.S. and world news, business, and finance and more. We upgraded our cable service and now have access to Newsmax.

The Epoch Times

This online publication covers U.S. and world news in the areas of politics, business and economy, and human interests. There is also The Epoch Times TV, though I’ve never watched it. I believe it’s only an online platform and not available on cable.

I have subscribed to their free updates and receive headline news each morning in my email inbox. I can’t say that I agree with this news outlet on every point, but they are a true conservative voice for individual rights and freedoms. There is also a paid subscription to view full content.

Blaze Media

I have watched Glenn Beck videos on the platform and have read a few articles from other contributors. They offer news, radio, podcasts, and BlazeTV.

One America Network

OANN is a conservative online news source and streaming news network that covers political, world, business, tech, sports, and entertainment. This one is new to me, but I will be utilizing it as a source more often. I have recently watched a helpful video that I will be adding to the Virus/Vaxx page.

If I find additional news sources, I will add links here to the site.

Social Media

Rumble is a video platform with a layout similar to YouTube. Conservative and Christian viewpoints are not censored the way it is on other media platforms.


A long-time reader has recommended this social media alternative that she has been a part of creating. It seems to be a platform similar to Facebook, though I can’t give specific thoughts since I am not on social media.