Beyond 4/20

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Beyond 4/20 after a fairy-tale wedding and honeymoon, John’s and Chelsea’s lives settle into a new rhythm, one which includes stronger ties with Lucy. Chelsea has everything she’s ever dreamed of, while John finds a slower-paced family life to be that sense of enough he has pursued for most of his life. As Lucy becomes more deeply ingrained in their lives, however, so does Tuck, a constant reminder to John that Tuck was once Chelsea’s supposed to be.

For Tuck, beyond 4/20 is a daily struggle to live without waiting. All he has ever done is wait for Chelsea. Now, though, he’s forced to find a way to live again and to pick up the pieces of a life that looks entirely different from what he had imagined or hoped. Not only has he lost the woman he loves, but the threat of losing his daughter becomes all too real and forces him to turn to the last place he ever thought he would consider

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