Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep

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We tell; most won’t listen. Helplessness is what we often feel as believers who see the rapture drawing ever closer and what’s coming for those who will be left behind. If you read my article, Rapture: Before the Final Sunset, here on RaptureReady.com, then you’ll remember me saying, “I’m tired of trying to shake church people awake and convince them of truth. I think I will enjoy a brief season of helping a people who will be desperately looking for answers and food and Jesus. Let’s focus on them for a while.” Them, meaning those who will be left behind. My goal is to build a sanctuary for them here in my home. I hope you will join me and do the same.

I’m a doer, a put-something-in-my-hand kind of girl. I have the heart of Mary and the hands of Martha. In my frustration with blinded believers and the unwilling-to-listen lost, I need to do something productive with my time as I keep looking up, watching for Jesus and listening for the trumpet blast. I’m sure you can relate. We need to be on mission, missionaries who just happen to reach a tribulation-dwelling people.

It’s not easy allowing ourselves to see them as anything other than nameless, faceless people who refused Jesus before the rapture. If we can lump them into a broad category like that, “the left behind,” then our hearts are a little safer. That is unless you know and love living, breathing lost people, family and friends who think you’re crazy. In that case, it’s nearly impossible to get them off your mind these days. Whether or not you’re close to any who will be left behind, this is a moment when you need to allow yourself to feel compassion for them, even at risk of your heart. That’s the actual point of this article, my challenge for you to see the left behind as your mission field. Continue reading full article…

Daybreak is a way of life, one of exposing the rising darkness and telling of the soon-coming Light. We only have so many daybreaks remaining before that final sunset when we, as believers, are caught up in the air to meet Jesus.

As an author, Lisa Heaton is a storyteller with a heart for truth. Her greatest desire in her fiction and nonfiction work is to challenge the reader to discover the truth of who Jesus is and who they are to Him. Now, here as we wait for the any-minute arrival of Jesus for His church in the rapture, Lisa’s latest mission is to warn the lost and wake the found and to help others discover their unique voice to share the truth of our times. More at DaybreakWithLisa.com. Contact Lisa at Lisa@LisaHeatonBooks.com.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

I’m thankful for your encouragement this past year. No matter how crazy the world gets, no matter the rising darkness, I know I’m not alone. You remind me you’re out there, seeing what I see and reading what I write. Dare we hope this will be our last Thanksgiving before we’re all caught up? I look forward to seeing you in the air.

Blessings to you and your family from mine,


Rapture: Before the Final Sunset

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week:
Week in Review

Below is a link to my latest RaptureReady.com article titled, Rapture: Before the Final Sunset. Feel free to share.

Anticipation is building. Can you feel it? We know daybreaks are dwindling and that soon, the final sunset will come when the Son sets out to claim His bride. The concept of us being raptured, us being snatched away from this wicked world just in the nick of time, is so utterly fantastical and inconceivable that it’s sometimes hard to believe it is true. We look at Scripture just to make sure we haven’t missed something and are reminded that our God, the one who parts seas and stills the sun, is capable of something just that big, something as extreme as parting skies and bursting open graves. It’s not our imaginations at all. He’s coming.

Even amid our present frustrations over how we’re ignored and ridiculed for our beliefs in a pretribulation rapture, our internal excitement grows. Maybe for some you can’t call it excitement exactly, but you’ll sure call it a relief to get out of a world so hardly recognizable compared to where you grew up. We’re all growing weary waking and warning. Others won’t listen. For most, they’ll only believe when the world as they know it ends, so we can’t wait for the day to prove them wrong. Then it happens like a solid blow to the chest as reality settles upon our hearts. Our rescue will leave billions to suffer. Some of those billions will be our loved ones, our parents and siblings, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, coworkers and even co-laborers in the church. 

Truth is, because I have a vivid writer’s imagination, I can’t allow myself to dwell much on those thoughts with any great detail. They’re just too crushing. Four horsemen riding, bringing wars and famine, death and destruction, is all too much. From the very second after our disappearance, perpetual, spiritual nightfall will settle upon an unsuspecting people. No matter how long the period between the rapture and the signing of the covenant that will officially kick off the tribulation, when the light is removed, darkness will quickly become utter blackness with no restrainer to restrain. Inexpressible wickedness will rise and fill the vacuum left by the exodus of the church. Continue reading…

Meantime: In Our Weakness

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week:
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 Welcome to the continuation of the Prepare Your Heart Series. Below is a link to my latest RaptureReady.com article titled, Meantime: In Our Weakness. Feel free to share.

I had a plan for how I will answer my call, here in the meantime while I wait for Jesus. I have series topics all mapped out and a production schedule for when to have them completed. I had a plan–and then the Lord sat me down. So, what’s a writer to do but look up and listen up when the God of all heaven gives you a season of pause? What am I supposed to do at my weakest?

Different than most, I live with lower blood pressure. For me, it’s doable–until it’s not. These past months I can’t seem to keep it at my steady, livable number. When it drops to a certain level, as in 70 something over 50 something, I’m in a fog mentally and even get blurry vision. I’m in that place now and can’t concentrate enough on the Prepare Your Heart series I’m working on to make the next installment come together. I read what I wrote last and can’t really understand what it’s saying. I tried to capture some existing ideas on the new article, but it all feels like gibberish.

Should I just give up this week and not reach out to you? Absolutely not! I want to share my weakness in the hopes that it will resonate with your own. I know you feel it too, even if it’s not physical weakness like mine. If you don’t feel weak in any area at all, then good luck with that pride coming before a fall (Proverbs 16:18) season where you’re about to scrape your knees. If any of us were strong enough to get through this life, we wouldn’t need Jesus to be our Savior. Continue reading…

Rapture: In the Meantime…

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week:
Week in Review

 Welcome to the continuation of the Prepare Your Heart Series. Below is a link to my current RaptureReady.com article titled, Rapture: In the Meantime… Feel free to share.

We’re waiting. We’re looking up. Is that all we need to be doing in the meantime, that period of time while we are all awaiting the rapture? Hardly. We have much to do–in the meantime. We have a lost world to reach and a sleeping body of believers to wake. More importantly, we have our own hearts to examine and prepare for the Lord. It’s easy for us to focus on the externals, telling what’s going on, watching video after video and reading article after article. Sadly, however, many of us don’t take the time to consider this: We will each be meeting the Lord face to face soon, hopefully very soon. I don’t want to find disappointment in His eyes over how I’ve finished the race. I want to know that I’ve left it all out on the field, given all I have to give for the kingdom’s sake. I also want to ensure I’ve spent just as much time with Him in prayer and the study of Scripture and allowed His Spirit to work on my own deficiencies and doubts.

This isn’t a time for us to stop growing with and learning about Jesus. If there’s ever been a time to lean into Him, it’s now. Throughout the Prepare Your Heart Series, you will be challenged to focus on the “being” of your relationship with God even more than the “doing.” Don’t get me wrong, you still need to “do,” since time is of the essence, but that will be an overflow of the being-with-Him part. One of the most crucial elements of being with Jesus is to allow Him to show us our own hearts in light of His truth. Continue reading…

Rapture: Why Do Many Dread?

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week:
Week in Review

Welcome to the continuation of the Prepare Your Heart Series. Below is a link to my current RaptureReady.com article titled, Rapture: Why Do Many Dread?. Feel free to share.

Watch this brief video first:

Pastor JD Farag made a point back in 2020 that I’ll never forget. While I can’t remember the exact quote, the essence of it stays with me: The Lord has sure given us a world that’s easier to let go of. I know that can be said of me, that this world holds no draw anymore, and for most who do see the nearness of the rapture and tribulation. Some of us long to be gone from here even if we’re still feeling a little frightened of the unknown. The concepts of being excited and afraid were covered in previous articles. Many, however, have a sense of dread over the rapture because they’re still hanging onto this world, yet we’re told in 2 Timothy 4:8 there will be a crown of righteousness awarded for all those who long for His appearing.

There are plenty of reasons why believers are still holding on. In this writing, we’ll cover three points: heart breaking, heart taking, and heart faking.

Heart Breaking

What could break the heart of a spouse, parent, grandparent, or friend more than the thought of the rapture coming before the ones they love come to Jesus? In the past few days, I’ve had two encounters with believers who fear for the unsaved people in their lives. We know, if we’ve read the Book of Revelation, what will befall our lost friends and family. I have the same fear for someone I dearly love, someone I’m not positive is trusting in Jesus for salvation. That’s the understandable basis of fear and dread that can and does steal sleep from us. 

Soon after Covid began, when it was evident to many mature believers that Jesus could soon come, I had a tough conversation with a mom who knows her adult daughter is unsaved. I can truly say it wasn’t me who interjected hope into the discussion. The Spirit reminded me so that I could tell that fearful, dread-filled mom: You have raised your daughter to know what the rapture is, so when it happens, you have every reason to hope she will immediately call upon the name of Jesus for salvation. Not only that, but because of her daughter’s strong and determined personality, I challenged that mom to imagine what a mighty voice her daughter will be in telling others what had happened and Whom to call upon. Continue reading…


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Daybreak is a way of life, one of exposing the rising darkness and telling of the soon-coming Light. We only have so many daybreaks remaining before that final sunset when we, as believers, are caught up in the air to meet Jesus.

Rapture: Why Do Most Fear?

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week: Week in Review

Welcome to the continuation of the Prepare Your Heart Series.  Feel free to share.

Rapture: Why Do Most Fear? – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton

Please watch the brief introduction video first.

Many, maybe even most professing Jesus followers, fear the rapture, that moment when we will all be caught up in the air to be with Jesus. If you feel fearful, it’s okay to acknowledge that to the Lord. Your honest-with-yourself answer might well lead you to a place of freedom in an area that’s been holding you hostage. The rapture is our glorious hope (Titus 2:13), so if you feel anything other than hope and excitement, please take the time to read Rapture: Why Are You Excited?. I hope someday that you will be counted among those of us who are excited.

While there are possibly dozens of reasons why individuals may fear the rapture, from childhood trauma to denominational lack of teaching or teaching in error, I will narrow the scope of the topic to just a few possibilities: not knowing the promise, not knowing what’s waiting, not knowing Who’s coming. Continue reading…


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Daybreak is a way of life, one of exposing the rising darkness and telling of the soon-coming Light. We only have so many daybreaks remaining before that final sunset when we, as believers, are caught up in the air to meet Jesus.

Rapture: Why Are You Excited?


If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here: Week in Review

Welcome to the official kickoff of the Prepare Your Heart Series. Below is an advance copy of my Rapture Ready article for next week. Feel free to share.

Rapture: Why Are You Excited? – by Lisa Heaton

Watch this 10-minute video introduction to get you started.

Is your heart prepared for the coming King? In the Prepare Your Heart Series, that will be our focus, to be a people made ready for the return of Jesus for His bride. Our earliest topics will cover the rapture to see where we currently stand in our view of it, a heart check of sorts.

Most pre-trib-rapture believers fall into one of these three categories: excited for, afraid of, or in dread of the coming of Jesus for the church. Which are you? We should all be on the alert, guarding our homes (hearts) and taking inventory of our feelings and motivations.

“Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming. But be sure of this, that if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into. For this reason you also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will.” (Matthew 24:42-44)

If you’re excited over the rapture and hope it happens before you finish this article, then I’m with you! But please continue on with the series after this “Excited” session since the information that follows will still likely be beneficial for you. In order to have productive conversations with others who fear or are in dread of the rapture, you need to get inside their heads and see where they’re coming from.

I’m so excited over the rapture that I sometimes find myself feeling guilty when considering the ones who will be left behind when we’re gone. I realize the sooner it comes, the sooner they’re left to face a certain, horrific future. More than once, I’ve had to remind myself it’s more than okay to be excited. No bride should feel guilty over her eager anticipation of her wedding day, even if she’s troubled over others refusing the invitation. We, the bride of Christ, rightly feel ever-growing excitement with each passing day. The more we see the rise of darkness, the closer we know our Groom’s arrival is. Jesus coming sooner rather than later may very well be God’s grace and mercy for those who would only fall for greater deception in a world where good is increasingly being called evil and evil good. In that case and with that perspective, I feel way less selfish for saying, “Come!”.

May I do a little meddling? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what drives your excitement? Of course, we all want to get off this spinning ball of wickedness and go to heaven, but is that your only motivation? Do you merely want to escape here and go to heaven, or do you long to be with Jesus? Out loud, I think we would all answer “Jesus” since that’s the answer to every Sunday school question. But deep down, in that place where no one else can hear your answer, are you more excited about the place–heaven, and all that entails–or are you more excited about stepping into the arms of Jesus? Continue reading on RaptureReady.com…



Prepare Your Heart – Daybreaks Are Dwindling

If you missed my last Rapture Ready article, I’m adding it below. This is the unofficial kick-off of the Prepare Your Heart Series. I hope you’ll go through the series with me.

Prepare Your Heart – Daybreaks Are Dwindling – by Lisa Heaton

We only have so many daybreaks remaining until that final sunset when the Son sets out to get His bride. We must make the most of our time because the days are evil (Eph. 5:16).

As much as we watch and read and comb online resources to see what’s happening now and next in this last-moments world we live in, we should be spending even more time on our internal preparations, time with the One who knows what’s now and next and how we best need to prepare. I sincerely believe we should be preparing our homes as well, a point I cover here on my site, but my heart absolutely burns over the topic of preparing our hearts.

Are you right with Jesus? Are you excited over the idea of meeting Him in the air soon, or does fear or dread more accurately describe the feelings that the word rapture evokes? Our solid belief in the pre-tribulation rapture matters. If we can’t be certain of our rescue, then our minds will be stayed on long-term survival rather than on the mission.

What’s the mission? Standing while others kneel. Or as in Daniel’s case, kneeling while everyone else stood. We have an audience watching, those who will be left behind. What will we teach them by our actions? How will our example help them to stand during the tribulation if we can’t even take a stand now as we see the set-up for it?

A verse the Lord has been using with me since early 2020, even before the plandemic was a “thing,” was “…to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” That verse has always held a whisper of a calling on my life. Only now do I better understand its meaning. We are a people, a church hardly ready or prepared for the Lord. The waning state of the church is a reason for us all to grieve when we see the apathy, apostasy, and arrogance of our fellow believers. They don’t care that the Lord is coming soon. They’re living like the world with no regard for holiness. They mock and scorn our warnings.

I’ve concluded this: I can only do so much. I can only help those who want help and explain more to those who are willing to listen. I’m suspecting that’s you since you’re here. You’re in the deeper waters with Jesus, or if not, you’re longing to be. May I help you along in the journey of preparing your heart?

I humbly admit that I’m still learning as well. Much of what I write or speak about is from my own struggles now or over the years. What I do know from experience is this: No matter what comes in the time ahead of us, Jesus is not just enough–He’s everything. With Him, you will not just survive, you’ll thrive and be a helping hand to those around you while you wait for your exfil [removal/withdrawal from an enemy-held area]. Isn’t that what you want, to not be that panicking crybaby running around asking others for help?

When a financial crash or food shortages or whatever the enemy plans to throw at us next comes, what if you’re a stable voice in the lives of those around you who didn’t see disaster coming? You can be no matter how much you underestimate yourself. But it takes a heart made ready, a heart prepared for the Lord.

I’m beginning a new series called Prepare Your Heart. Articles will be published on Rapture Ready, or you can follow along here on my Daybreak with Lisa site as each new entry is added. Watch Prepare Your Heart | Prepare Your Home on my YouTube channel to get started.

You can also get a little louder and share what you know with others around you. If you would like to view my Rapture Ready articles all combined into one location, check out the How Do I Share What I Know? Series. (Since the entries in the How Do I Share series were originally created for web-based reading, they are longer than what I will be sharing in the Prepare Your Heart series.)

Let’s make the most of our time. Our mission now is to warn the lost and wake the found. Our mission is to be a people made ready, hearts prepared for the Lord.

Grace and peace,


If you would like to share the link to the Rapture Ready article, you will find it below.

Prepare Your Heart – Daybreaks Are Dwindling – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton

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Am I prepared to count the cost? Are you? The task set before us who see what’s going on is monumental and requires us to take stands and have conversations we never dreamed we would be having.

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