Heavenly Vision

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In all the doing I do, I sometimes have to stop and remind myself just how vital it is that I intentionally continue to prepare my heart for the coming of the Lord. I don’t know how far away the rapture is, but I believe it’s way sooner than some choose to admit. I know that once the rapture does happen, I want to be well prepared to meet Jesus face to face with no regrets. I should never, ever stop growing and leaning into Him. Same with you. “Now, little children, abide in Him, so that when He appears, we may have confidence and not shrink away from Him in shame at His coming” (1 John 2:28). I don’t want to be found as a believer who has earthly vision, but rather one with heavenly vision. Continue reading on RaptureReady.com…

When Darkness Prevails

Hello from Long-Lost Lisa. I’ve missed you. Life has thrown me many-too many-curveballs over the past two months. I’m glad to be back in the swing of things.

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It’s not just our imaginations that the world is growing ever darker. Each new morning the headlines prove us right. Still, with all that’s transpiring in the world, many fail to see things are amiss, or if they do, they underestimate its importance since they don’t know Bible prophecy. Rising darkness is a clear indication of the soon-coming Light. Many don’t believe in the rapture of the church, even professing Christians, so they go about life squinting in the darkness rather than admitting that seven years of nightfall is quickly approaching. Continue reading full article…

Tribulation Saints: Feed His Lambs

2023: Seriously, We’re Still Here?

Happy New Year!! Well, I’m not so sure happy is what most of us are feeling as the calendar flips the page. Maybe Hopeful New Year is more like it. Let’s pray we get to attend THE wedding in 2023. The rapture can’t come soon enough for me.

Below is my final installment in the Prepare a Sanctuary series, set to run on RaptureReady.com soon. If you missed any in the series, you can find them here: Lisa’s Rapture Ready Articles/Series.

Is there anything more tender and precious than a new believer who longs to know more about Jesus? Don’t you wonder what Jesus feels about those sweet, little lambs of His? Talk about a heart exploding with joy; that must well express His love for those who choose to newly walk with Him. I remember when I got serious about my faith, how I would watch anyone and anything on TV that was talking about Jesus. Now, looking back at who I was watching, I see how listening to anyone and anything wasn’t my wisest choice. Continue reading…

Merry Christmas to You!!

It’s all about Jesus!
This season, this life, it’s all about Him!

Thank you for doing life with me. This is such a crazy world we’re living in that we totally need each other. I wanted to take this time to tell you just how much your encouragement means to me. You are a gift.

Next week, I’ll send an advance copy of my last Rapture Ready article for the year. After that, I won’t “see” you again until next year. I hope you have a blessed Christmas with your family and friends.

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I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Much love,

Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep

This article is part of my new Prepare a Sanctuary Series. I will be adding all articles here as they’re available.

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In my previous article, Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep, we allowed our hearts to consider those who would call upon the name of Jesus during the tribulation as our someday family. In doing so, they become real, living, breathing people to us rather than a group we safely call from a distance, “the left behind.” Once they do become real to us, only then will their well-being become our concern and priority. For brand new Christians who will live in an unparalleled time in history, our care for them may allow them time to share the Gospel with others. And as I addressed in my previous article, making advanced provisions for these desperate people gives us constructive work for our hands and hearts in a current world where many, if not most, refuse to listen to our warnings. Continue reading full article…

Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep

This article is part of my new Prepare a Sanctuary Series. I will be adding all articles here as they’re available.

Below is a link to my latest RaptureReady.com article titled, Tribulation: Unborn-Again Sheep. Feel free to share.

We tell; most won’t listen. Helplessness is what we often feel as believers who see the rapture drawing ever closer and what’s coming for those who will be left behind. If you read my article, Rapture: Before the Final Sunset, here on RaptureReady.com, then you’ll remember me saying, “I’m tired of trying to shake church people awake and convince them of truth. I think I will enjoy a brief season of helping a people who will be desperately looking for answers and food and Jesus. Let’s focus on them for a while.” Them, meaning those who will be left behind. My goal is to build a sanctuary for them here in my home. I hope you will join me and do the same. Continue reading full article…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

I’m thankful for your encouragement this past year. No matter how crazy the world gets, no matter the rising darkness, I know I’m not alone. You remind me you’re out there, seeing what I see and reading what I write. Dare we hope this will be our last Thanksgiving before we’re all caught up? I look forward to seeing you in the air.

Blessings to you and your family from mine,


Rapture: Before the Final Sunset

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Below is a link to my latest RaptureReady.com article titled, Rapture: Before the Final Sunset. Feel free to share.

Anticipation is building. Can you feel it? We know daybreaks are dwindling and that soon, the final sunset will come when the Son sets out to claim His bride. The concept of us being raptured, us being snatched away from this wicked world just in the nick of time, is so utterly fantastical and inconceivable that it’s sometimes hard to believe it is true. We look at Scripture just to make sure we haven’t missed something and are reminded that our God, the one who parts seas and stills the sun, is capable of something just that big, something as extreme as parting skies and bursting open graves. It’s not our imaginations at all. He’s coming.

Even amid our present frustrations over how we’re ignored and ridiculed for our beliefs in a pretribulation rapture, our internal excitement grows. Maybe for some you can’t call it excitement exactly, but you’ll sure call it a relief to get out of a world so hardly recognizable compared to where you grew up. We’re all growing weary waking and warning. Others won’t listen. For most, they’ll only believe when the world as they know it ends, so we can’t wait for the day to prove them wrong. Then it happens like a solid blow to the chest as reality settles upon our hearts. Our rescue will leave billions to suffer. Some of those billions will be our loved ones, our parents and siblings, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, coworkers and even co-laborers in the church. 

Truth is, because I have a vivid writer’s imagination, I can’t allow myself to dwell much on those thoughts with any great detail. They’re just too crushing. Four horsemen riding, bringing wars and famine, death and destruction, is all too much. From the very second after our disappearance, perpetual, spiritual nightfall will settle upon an unsuspecting people. No matter how long the period between the rapture and the signing of the covenant that will officially kick off the tribulation, when the light is removed, darkness will quickly become utter blackness with no restrainer to restrain. Inexpressible wickedness will rise and fill the vacuum left by the exodus of the church. Continue reading…

Meantime: In Our Weakness

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week:
Week in Review

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I had a plan for how I will answer my call, here in the meantime while I wait for Jesus. I have series topics all mapped out and a production schedule for when to have them completed. I had a plan–and then the Lord sat me down. So, what’s a writer to do but look up and listen up when the God of all heaven gives you a season of pause? What am I supposed to do at my weakest?

Different than most, I live with lower blood pressure. For me, it’s doable–until it’s not. These past months I can’t seem to keep it at my steady, livable number. When it drops to a certain level, as in 70 something over 50 something, I’m in a fog mentally and even get blurry vision. I’m in that place now and can’t concentrate enough on the Prepare Your Heart series I’m working on to make the next installment come together. I read what I wrote last and can’t really understand what it’s saying. I tried to capture some existing ideas on the new article, but it all feels like gibberish.

Should I just give up this week and not reach out to you? Absolutely not! I want to share my weakness in the hopes that it will resonate with your own. I know you feel it too, even if it’s not physical weakness like mine. If you don’t feel weak in any area at all, then good luck with that pride coming before a fall (Proverbs 16:18) season where you’re about to scrape your knees. If any of us were strong enough to get through this life, we wouldn’t need Jesus to be our Savior. Continue reading…

Rapture: In the Meantime…

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week:
Week in Review

 Welcome to the continuation of the Prepare Your Heart Series. Below is a link to my current RaptureReady.com article titled, Rapture: In the Meantime… Feel free to share.

We’re waiting. We’re looking up. Is that all we need to be doing in the meantime, that period of time while we are all awaiting the rapture? Hardly. We have much to do–in the meantime. We have a lost world to reach and a sleeping body of believers to wake. More importantly, we have our own hearts to examine and prepare for the Lord. It’s easy for us to focus on the externals, telling what’s going on, watching video after video and reading article after article. Sadly, however, many of us don’t take the time to consider this: We will each be meeting the Lord face to face soon, hopefully very soon. I don’t want to find disappointment in His eyes over how I’ve finished the race. I want to know that I’ve left it all out on the field, given all I have to give for the kingdom’s sake. I also want to ensure I’ve spent just as much time with Him in prayer and the study of Scripture and allowed His Spirit to work on my own deficiencies and doubts.

This isn’t a time for us to stop growing with and learning about Jesus. If there’s ever been a time to lean into Him, it’s now. Throughout the Prepare Your Heart Series, you will be challenged to focus on the “being” of your relationship with God even more than the “doing.” Don’t get me wrong, you still need to “do,” since time is of the essence, but that will be an overflow of the being-with-Him part. One of the most crucial elements of being with Jesus is to allow Him to show us our own hearts in light of His truth. Continue reading…