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Faith Forward Press is a small imprint in the Nashville area that adheres to traditional, conservative, Christian content and values. FFP is founded upon the belief that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God and that Jesus is the one and only Son of God and Messiah. All fiction and nonfiction works are presented with the belief that God redeems all who choose to call upon the name of His Son, Jesus, for forgiveness of sin.

Faith Forward Press was established in 2013 with one book and a thousand big dreams. Years later, our list of titles has grown to include:


Unmending the Veil
Under the Gun – Sequel to Unmending the Veil
On 4/19
Beyond 4/20– Sequel to On 4/19
A Thousand Blessings
Room to Grow
Blue Skies
Rising Waters – Sequel to Blue Skies


You. Are. Loved. Live the Love Song

Lisa’s Story of Failure and Faith and Writing

In my early years I wanted to be a published author way more than I wanted to be a good writer. I was a decent storyteller but a novice in style and understanding of the mechanics of writing. A few times I drummed up enough courage to send something to a literary agency, then waited with the hope that someone just might recognize my greatness, or at least my potential. Each time I received a generic rejection letter, it never occurred to me that my writing was the problem, that maybe I wasn’t great at all. I know now that when receiving those early manuscripts, an agent couldn’t possibly get past the poor writing to even appreciate my story.

Over the course of nearly a decade this went on with months, sometimes years between new submissions and subsequent rejections. I quit at least twenty times–maybe more. I swore I was done after each rejection and felt a little smaller and a lot farther away from my dream with every new dashed hope. Eventually, an agent took an extra few minutes to tell me I needed some writing classes. I can’t remember how he phrased it, but I thank you, Steve Laube, for going that extra inch. That was really all I needed, just something besides a form letter saying no thanks. Your honesty forced me to admit the problem was never the agents; it was the writer.

I kept writing and writing and kept believing that I had stories to tell that were worth reading. I still lacked understanding over the mechanics, but at least my style was getting better. When I finally wrote Unmending the Veil, I did submit directly to one Nashville publisher since I had a friend who worked there. This time the rejection letter included an invitation to try their self-publishing division.

Self-publishing?! That was out of the question for me since I needed to be validated and reassured that I was good enough. Didn’t self-publishing mean you were a total reject and failure? At a time when brick-and-mortar bookstores were closing across the nation, signing on as a new author with a traditional publisher was becoming less and less likely.

Within weeks of the rejection of Unmending the Veil, I knew the Lord was guiding me to, not self-publish but faith publish. What began with Abraham’s story of being called to a place he didn’t know led to my own faith forward press toward a career that would require me to learn to write for and seek the validation of an audience of One. I still had much to learn and a skill to develop, but those steps of faith were exactly what this just-okay writer needed to take to become one stronger and more grounded in her relationship with the actual Founder of Faith Forward Press, the One who called me to go to a place I didn’t want to go, then blessed me beyond measure for going anyway.

All these years later, I’m so thankful the Lord gives us what we need to grow us and stretch us and build our faith rather than what we want. I now have a growing business and ministry that allows me the freedom to maintain my voice in my writing. I’ve been told countless times how different my fiction work is compared to the Christian norm. I dig into the messiness of life that traditional publishers often won’t. I only now realize that’s part of the blessing. If I had signed on with a publisher, I would have allowed someone else to mold me into what’s more common in the industry. That’s the beauty of following Jesus, the Word, the original Storyteller. He has been able to sculpt me and the stories I’ve written without third-party interference. He is and always will be the Author of my faith.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Lisa……looking forward to learning more about your ministry.
    Always read and enjoy your articles posted on Rapture Ready.
    I too am a Watcher…..with very few, if any, brethren willing or able to discuss
    these end times. Appears that many christians are basically cherry picking scripture
    and falling away not unlike the unbelieving world.
    Hope to hear from you folks!
    Be Blessed!

    1. Hi David,

      So glad to hear from you. I hear ya. There are so few of us out here willing to discuss these last days (last minutes), but now with the Daybreak Gathering, at least we can find our way to one another.

      I will place the new video assignment on the Daybreak Gathering site today. I hope you’ve signed up for my Updates in order to get the weekly email. Look for the “Subscribe to Updates” field to enter your email.

      I look forward to meeting you.

      See you soon,

  2. Hi Lisa, My best friend told me about your article on Olive Tree. We think it is a great idea. I do identify with you about sharing with family and friends and they either laugh or say “i know, i know’. So God just tells us in so many ways, “just live it”. I have been a Christian for over 50 years, I am almost 73. About two years ago God got me taking a watercolor class. I always loved painting but only a few times in my life. What started me on my journey was that it has always been so difficult, for over 50 years, to reach “strangers”, those you pass in the store, parking lots, restaurants. And then I kept thinking how can I reach them…and I believe the Lord said “bookmarks”. So I paint, add scriptures, print back side with great speakers, movies and books, then cut, laminate, cut and have now exceeded perhaps 12,000. I give them to individuals, tell them that Jesus loves them and that He did something for us we cannot do for ourselves. Sometimes conversations are longer and then some shorter, but i have only had a handful say they don’t want one. I have fellow “distributors” from church, neighbors, cardboard sign carriers at freeway onramps and my grandkids, etc., who help me in this effort. They have been sent to many other states and also to many different countries. I think I will continue with this until the Lord comes. I do not charge, but I have had people insist on paying something–which helps with my costs. I am on social security and money goes fast so I am grateful but this ministry isn’t for me to profit but because I do believe time is short. And many are lied to and they don’t even know what truth is. So that is my story. God gives each of us a journey. I tell others, find your “bookmark”, something that can be an ice breaker between you and a stranger. Pass that baton that was passed to you! God Bless you, March on Young Soldier

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