A Thousand Blessings
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Travel with Isabel as she journeys to an unknown land to marry Colin, a widowed king. Elias, the king’s trusted commander, accompanies Isabel to her new home. While faced with peril along the way, the greater danger is the fondness that develops between the two. Isabel must choose between her heart and duty, while Elias decides if he will fight for the woman he loves or honor his king and kingdom.

This fantasy kingdom setting differs from Lisa’s usual contemporary novels. No matter the time period, Lisa creatively explores the complexities of relationships when we try to live with Jesus on the outskirts of our lives.

A Few Reader Reviews:
“A Thousand Blessings is a breath of fresh air in the Christian fiction world. Lisa Heaton is a literary genius when it comes to balancing love and excitement with Christian values. For those of us who love period dramas, A Thousand Blessings does not disappoint. It will keep you guessing, hoping, and leave you wanting more!  It is a book about a kingdom that will point you to the King.”
– Leann W.
“Lisa Heaton is notorious for making me squirm as I read her books; wondering if the hero/heroine will end up together and questioning how in the world they can get out of this mess they have created.  She doesn’t fail to do this again in A Thousand Blessings.” – Corina F.
“I just finished Blessings, and Wow! is what I have to say!
You have an AMAZING ability to show what both sides are thinking, when neither is accurate and when, if either knew what the other was thinking, there’d quickly be no conflict. How true to life is that? It’s a particular gift of yours, methinks, and I’ve seen that in all of your work. It’s much needed, I can tell you that.”
– Ben G.

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womens-studyUnmending the Veil and the companion study, Into His Presence, have touched the hearts of many. The emphasis on loving God before all things hits most of us right where it hurts. Intimacy with Jesus is not only possible, it is what He wants for you.
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“This study is amazing! I’ve done a lot of studies with big name authors, but I have to say, this may be my favorite of all. It is well-written, clear & concise. It’s done in a way that simplifies things so it’s more like a conversation with a girlfriend and easy to understand. I’m less than halfway through, and already this has helped me look at my relationship with Jesus in a new light. It’s life-changing stuff, and I’m so grateful for this study!” – R. Reed

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