Seeking truth requires action,
accepting truth requires open eyes,
living truth is a product of finding it.
Each believer would now get to choose.”
– Wyatt

Welcome to Daybreak!

Now that you see this world is not what it appears, you are likely experiencing a myriad of feelings: fear, sadness, disbelief. Whatever you’re feeling, the fact that you’re here indicates you have a heart to seek truth and learn more. I’ve been exactly where you are, looking for answers some days and trying my best to hide from the truth on others. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Grieve. Seek the Lord’s heart through prayer. If you’ve ever needed to cling to the infinite, unchangeable love God has for you, it’s now.

Truthfully, I can hardly believe we are here, in this season of God’s kingdom calendar. As someone who has spent the past two decades reading end-times prophecy and hoping to be a part of the generation who sees the rapture, I still find myself stunned, constantly having to remind myself that this is all actually happening. Yet, here we are. Now I know, “to whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48). As that generation, those who will likely see the appearing of Jesus in the clouds to collect His bride, we owe it to those around us to be faithful watchmen and sound the alarm, to warn the lost of what’s to follow our departure. Since I have encouraged you in Enter Mission to share your story, I will share a little more of mine: Lisa’s Daybreak Story

Here on the Daybreak site, I have provided you with some links to help you begin your own investigation. I’ve prayed over the content I will share and am led to keep this simple. I am my own “web guy”, so I don’t have someone to keep this updated as new info arises. I will do my best to periodically add links to new articles and videos that I find informative.

My intention is to help you get acquainted with some of the sources I’ve discovered this past year and a half so you can begin to follow them for yourself. Your job now—your training ground—is to investigate and dig and seek truth. Truth is more fully yours when acquired over time. In your own investigative process, you’ll find there’s simply too much to take in all at once. It may be helpful to begin with one topic and then build upon your knowledge before moving onto something new.

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Online Resources

To get you started, I have provided a list of pastors, teachers, and websites that I’ve narrowed down as my go-to sources. Each believes in a pre-tribulation rapture. I don’t know the detailed doctrine of these men and women, but so far I haven’t seen anything that raises a major red flag. I practice great caution in whom I allow to pour into my life and belief system. Lies and liars abound. We must always compare what we read and hear to the entirety of God’s Word. In a world filled with deception, only Scripture can be our plumb line.

These pastors, teachers, and websites offer sound Biblical teaching on the last days.

Included here are conservative news outlets and social media alternatives.


Some days I’m crushing it.
Some days it’s crushing me.”
– Paige

That’s still me. There’s so much darkness that we have to make it a point to continue to look at the Light, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus. With that in mind, before diving into the “what’s coming”, I suggest you learn more about who’s leaving in the rapture. If you’re not familiar with the term rapture, click the link below to be directed to trusted resources.

Coming Soon! Rapture verses and links to rapture sermons, videos, and articles.

The Daybreak book release happened two weeks earlier than anticipated. While that’s exciting news, that leaves me a little behind adding the web content. More to come soon. As new material is added, I will add updates on my blog. Be sure to sign up for notifications here.


Daybreaks were dwindling and time was of the essence.
Paige could feel it in her own spirit; sunset was coming.
For her, go-day had finally arrived.”