Every day may be the final daybreak before we, as believers, are caught up in the air to meet Jesus.
We have to make each one count!

If you’re new to this site and are only now beginning to investigate what is happening in our world as it relates to what the Bible teaches about the last days, then you will find much information to sort through. This isn’t easy. What’s happening now and especially what’s to come is frightening for even a seasoned believer. If you’ve ever needed to cling to the infinite, unchangeable love God has for you, it’s now.

On this site I hope to give you what you need to prepare you for the days, weeks, and (hopefully not) years to come. The link tabs below will help you take the next steps in your journey of learning more about the rapture and investigating the pieces of the puzzle that can only lead you to the inevitable conclusion that we are at the end. Even prior to your investigation, I invite you to explore the Prepare section below that will help you find your role in this last-days world as you follow along in the How Do I Share What I Know series.

Opportunities will arise that will allow you to share what you are learning. I’m providing the link to the free Daybreak ebook in the next field. I know what it feels like to try to verbalize the insanity of our world today and often find that words fail me. Use Daybreak as you can to serve as an ice breaker to open a conversation. Also, share Daybreak with people in your life who do already see that this current world is dwindling to a close. Maybe the book can also be a weapon in their arsenal as they expose the darkness and remind believers of the soon-coming Light.

Daybreak is free as an ebook and can be downloaded for most any e-reader device.

For those who want a print version, Daybreak is available on Amazon for $8.50, the lowest price they will allow. I do not earn any royalties on the print edition.


We can’t just know; we must act. Preparations must be made for our hearts, homes, and for them, those who will be left behind when we’re gone. We have jobs to do. Sleeping believers must be shaken awake and the lost must be warned. No matter how daunting a task it all seems, you can step into your own mission and make an impact on the world around you.

Quick link to Lisa’s articles and series published on Rapture Ready

Prepare Your Heart as a soldier
Prepare Your Home for difficult days ahead
Prepare a Sanctuary for those left behind


There’s so much darkness that we have to make it a point to continue to look at the Light, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus. With that in mind, before diving into the “what’s coming,” I suggest you learn more about who’s leaving in the rapture. If you’re not familiar with the term rapture, click the link below to be directed to trusted resources.

Rapture: Verses and links to rapture sermons, videos, and articles by reputable preachers and teachers.

Credible Sources to Follow

I hope to help you get acquainted with some of the sources I’ve discovered so that you can begin to follow them for yourself. The pastors and teachers within the link below are some that I’ve found to be credible over the years.

Pastors/Teachers/Websites – The voices you listen to matter.


PLEASE NOTE: Because the news and world events are ever changing, it has become impossible for me to provide up-to-date information to help in your investigation. The resources and videos under the Investigate tab are now dated. I would suggest you use the Pastors/Teachers/Websites link to follow their current videos and articles.


Within the Investigate tab, I have provided you with links to help you get started. Your job now is to investigate and dig and seek truth. Truth is more fully yours when acquired over time. In your own investigative process, you’ll find there’s simply too much to take in all at once. It may be helpful to begin with one topic and then build upon your knowledge before moving onto something new.

Investigate: Resources to view evidence and teaching on how prophetic Scripture is being fulfilled.

One-World Order: One-World Government, One-World Economy, One-World Religion