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In this ripped-from-the-headlines action adventure, Paige discovers the world isn’t what she thinks it is. After an urgent phone call from her dad, she sets out on a mission to find the absentee father who walked out of her life only weeks after her mother’s untimely death. Read more… 

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Blue Skies

One dreams of land. One dreams of love.
A chance encounter with a cowboy leaves Lex tumbling toward forever, but Cash is not a family kind of man. With the distance between them measured in more than just miles, Lex must choose between her lifelong dreams and the guarded love of a faraway cowboy. Can she trust his love and dare to hope for a someday that may always be a thousand miles away?

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Rising Waters 

Sequel to Blue Skies
Blue Skies follow Lex and Cash home after their honeymoon and then along to Vegas for the rodeo Championships. When a fateful call sends the two rushing home to protect their ranch and livestock, Lex finds the events to follow reveal a secret world of villains and heroes, both of which now describe the man she loves.

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You. Are. Loved. Live the Love Song

No other truth can impact the life of a believing woman more than God’s abiding and tender love. We should be living out our lives with boldness and passion-filled faith, seeing the world through the lens of God’s ever-present love. Why then have many failed to grasp that love and draw it into their belief system? Read more…

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Room to Grow

A chance encounter changes everything. While searching for a job to start a new chapter in life, Sophie runs into Josh, a young man who worked for her before he went off to college. Now owning his own landscaping business, Josh offers Sophie an opportunity to do what she loves most. Read more…

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Unmending the Veil

Unending The Veil Cover

Stitch by stitch, Robin has mended the torn veil and stepped away from God’s presence. Though years have passed since her husband’s abuse, she is still paralyzed by fear and grief. While working at a lakeside inn, Robin meets Chris, a man whose compassion and care leads her back to Jesus. Only in Him will she find healing for her wounded soul. Read more...

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Under the Gun

Life and love are old and new. After so many years apart, Robin’s marriage to Mike is as comfortable as their early years, yet still holds the joy and excitement of having lost and found again. In this seemingly perfect world where she loves her husband and raises their daughter, something is amiss.
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A Thousand Blessings

Travel with Princess Isabel as she journeys to an unknown land to marry Colin, a widowed king. Elias, the king’s most trusted commander, accompanies Isabel to her new home. When faced with peril along the way, the greater danger is the fondness that develops between the two. Isabel must choose between her heart and duty, while Elias decides if he will fight for the woman he loves or honor his king and kingdom. Read More…

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On 4/19

On419_Book_CoverOut of desperation to pay tuition for her final year of school, Chelsea enters into an arrangement with a much older man. The one-year contract commits her to accompany him to social events and occasional travel – nothing more, and in return he pays for her school and living expenses. Read more…

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On 4/19
  Kindle Edition $2.99 – Buy Now

Beyond 4/20

Beyond 4/20 CoverBeyond 4/20 after a fairy-tale wedding and honeymoon, John’s and Chelsea’s lives settle into a new rhythm, one which includes stronger ties with Lucy. Chelsea has everything she’s ever dreamed of, while John finds a slower-paced family life to be that sense of enough he has pursued for most of his life. As Lucy becomes more deeply ingrained in their lives, however, so does Tuck, a constant reminder to John that Tuck was once Chelsea’s supposed to be. Read more…

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DeceiverCasey is a deceiver and has been most of her life. It’s how she operates naturally as a means of concealing who she is deep within and masking the brokenness that lurks beneath her confident exterior. Easily, she manipulates and controls others to achieve her end-game until that church thing happens and until meeting Nikolai, two things that now cause every lie to rest heavily on her lips as she plays the man she comes to love. Read more…