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Lisa Heaton is an outstanding Christian author who writes from her heart. I love that her characters are realistic and relatable, and I love how she doesn’t offer quick or simple fixes but carries us alongside the characters as they seek solutions to grievous life situations, gradually learning how to rely on the only One who can fix any of our problems. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one of her novels, delighted to discover that each new read is completely different from the one before. Rich in storytelling, plotting, and characterization, each novel is a fresh discovery of fallen human beings learning to turn to Jesus. It doesn’t hurt that the stories are page turners, as well! – Pamela W.

Unmending the Veil: The theme of forgiveness, a thread that runs throughout the book, constantly reminded me of just how much I have been forgiven. This timeless story of redemption made me weep with joy as I realized, yet again, that nothing is impossible with God! – Anon

You. Are. Loved.: Do you ever question if you are loved? It’s a question I think everyone asks throughout their life. In this book you will go on a journey with your Heavenly Father and you will get the answer. This book is a beautiful work that will guide you into the wisdom and knowledge that You. Are. Loved. by your creator, God almighty. It’s not a feeling. It’s a fact. It’s a lavish and abundant everlasting love. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of who God is and why He loves you so much. And after you have traveled on this journey you will be encouraged and excited to get the message to all those in your sphere of influence. – ReadingFL

Unmending the Veil was life-changing for me. It made me keenly aware of God’s intense love for me and drew me to the cross where I fell in love with Him for the first time. – Erin S.

On 4/19: This has to be one of my favorite books this year! The premise is a one-year business arrangement between a financially needy college student and a wealthy older man. The best-laid plans of man go astray! But the best part of the story is the spiritual growth of both parties as God deals with their deeper issues and draws each of them closer to Himself. Loved this book! – R. Cox

Beyond 4/20: The sequel to On 4/19, Beyond 4/20, continues this captivating love story but takes some twists and turns that will keep you riveted to every page. – Kristen F.

On 4/19: This is by far one of my top favorite books. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Book Description is good. I won’t add to it. The plot was a bit different from what I’m use to, a nice change. This was a page turner for me from the beginning to the end. I loved John and Chelsea’s story. This is definitely going on my read again list. Just a note, have you box of tissues near by. This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I will check out what other books she has written. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! – Judith T.

ROOM TO GROW is my favorite book !!! EVER !! UNmending the Veil will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, what that story did for me will forever be with me. Your stories are so much more than stories. This book was perfect. This book was exactly what I needed. Room to Grow, I’ve been praying that my relationship with God would grow deeper. I’ve always wanted to journal but just didn’t know how. I know that sounds silly, everyone knows how to journal, right?? Well not me, not the way I wanted, needed. Sophie & Josh taught me that, I will forever be thankful for your stories !!!! Even more so, YOU !! We have never really been close but if I was to put faces to characters, you would be my Justine !!!! After I got to know her in the story your face always appeared when I read about her. What makes your stories so great is the story is SO captivating, I read till 2am & them woke at 6:30 excited to finish. I’m done, I finished the book, kinda sad that it’s over, the story that is, my new journey is just beginning. My Room to Grow. BUT, the best part is how through the story, God speaks !!!! – Kelly H.

Beyond 4/20: Absolutely a great read! You go Lisa! I cried, laughed, and cried again while I read this sequel from On 4/19. What a story of grace and redemption from our Father God. He is so merciful.. My heart went out to John and his unselfishness and love for others, still makes me tear up as I’m typing this review. Makes me ponder on the love chaper, 1 Corinthians chapter 13.. Wow, to be so completely surrendered to Our Father God through His Son Jesus Christ. Please readers be sure to read On 4/19 before this sequel, it brings all together.. Thank-you Lisa for sharing your time writing another great read, your a gem.. – Valerie

Unmending the Veil: It opened my eyes and my heart to the big picture. I will always give thanks to Lisa for writing it … it made me realize that I had been forgiven and so I was supposed to forgive. – Ruth S.

Deceiver: While reading midway of completing Deceiver (following On 4-19 and Unmending the Veil) it dawned on me that Lisa Heaton was truly a gifted wordsmith whose love for writing shows thru in her work. Her blessing in life: touching the hearts of the broken and lost thru her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Deceiver provides multi flawed characters just as in real life. Slowly each layer is peeled back with the option to choose good or a life of evil. The suspenseful thriller was impossible to lay down I was so drawn into the story. Truly a remarkable, gifted talent who opens the Windows of the readers heart and mind with each page. Grab the tissue because it gets deep. You will be unable to walk away with out remembering her stories along with the desire to read them again and again. The perfect gift to buy for a friend. Wow! – Skydanzer

Room to Grow: Lisa Heaton is one of my favorite authors. What I love about her writing is her intention. She writes stories that inspire the reader to know more about God and themselves. This engaging page turner is a well written tale of Josh and Sophie who learn to grow through their life experiences. The challenges they face apart as well as a couple bring them closer to who God calls them to be. Ms. Heaton has many great life lessons buried in this story encouraging her readers to dig up the treasures. She also parallels gardening with these words of wisdom. A poetic quote that jumped off the pages for me in learning to grow from our past is “When God’s people were roaming the desert…A place I think you may know well right now, the dew fell and the manna on top of it. What you burned was yesterday’s dew and yesterday’s manna. God will give you what you need for each morning. Begin again. Ask for fresh dew and fresh manna for this growing season. His mercies are new every morning.” – Diane E.

Deceiver: A very profound and beautiful story! I wouldn’t be surprised if they made this into a movie. It is THAT good. The characters are flawed but very likable and you can’t help but root for them. I like that the story was grittier than most Christian fiction books I have read, dealing with much deeper and realistic issues. This story will stay with you long after you have finished reading it. – Marni

On 4/10: I am so happy a friend recommended this author. Absolutely amazing book with a clean love story that keeps you turning pages. I will definitely follow this author as I so appreciate a good Christian based storyline. Thank you Lisa Heaton. You have a committed follower. Keep these books coming! – Ladybug

Deceiver: Lisa, you’ve done it again. Deceiver was hard to put down, I even read it while I was on my treadmill! I’ve cried the last four days more than I have in quit awhile, such a touching love story with victory from such pain, betrayal and abuse. Our God is able! One thought that absolutely made me rejoice was praying to the Lord of Host, the one who leads the heavenly armies, what a powerful realization! I would tell anyone who has lived thru some type of abuse to please read this book! Thanks again Lisa for blessing your readers! – Susie

A Thousand Blessings: I really can’t express how much I enjoy Lisa Heaton’s books. They are well thought out, slow paced in a beautiful way that allows you to really get to know the characters and always have enough depth that keeps you thinking about the story even when your not reading. A Thousand Blessings is worth digging in to fully and you might even find yourself highlighting lines throughout. I sure did. Can’t wait for the next book! – Jenilee G.

Deceiver: Get ready to ride the waves of adventure, mystery, and love in this latest book from Lisa Heaton. Deceiver is one book you must EXPERIENCE! Yes, experience–not just read. That is the only way to describe Lisa’s writing style. As with all of her books, within the story of Nikolai and Casey is the story of God’s redemptive nature–how He takes broken things and makes them beautiful. This book so poignantly shows that no matter how tragic our story in life, if we offer it to God, He will use it for our good and His glory. Thanks, Lisa, for turning out another incredible book! Keep’em coming! – Ransomed

You. Are. Loved.:This book has simple, yet profound life altering truths for a person seeking to joyfully live the Christian life. The author reveals what is missing in so many Christian lives. She successfully seeks to help the readers find the missing piece of the puzzle (an intimate love relationship with Jesus) and implement it into their daily lives. I highly recommend this book. It is also a great tool for counselors to use to help people become whole and accept God’s love for them. – Teresa S.

A Thousand Blessings: I just finished reading this book after finding on Amazon…and I have to tell you that it is one of the best books I have ready in a long time. I usually do not ready medieval story lines, but in this case…I am so glad I did. One of the secondary characters…Elias….has my heart. Cannot wait for the next book in this series. It is sometimes hard to find quality books in the Christian genre. Please take a chance and read this book….you won’t regret it. – Marsha K.

You. Are. Loved.:I have always enjoyed reading Ms. Heaton’s fiction stories, and was excited to see that she had written a nonfiction book. I can honestly say that you won’t be disappointed with her debut, You. Are. Loved. It felt very personal ; almost as if you were sitting down in her living room sharing a pot of coffee while talking about God’s unconditional ❤️.This book can be read as an encouragement to an individual, but also would be an awesome Bible study. The chapters are easy to follow, Bible verses are clearly referenced, and there is a place for personal reflection. Ms. Heaton has opened her heart to share what God has done in her life, with a strong desire for you to walk in freedom that comes from being a child of a loving Heavenly Father. This book shares the life-changing words of God that you need to hear! Read it, share it, and remember that you are loved by the God of Creation! – AnnDee J.

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