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Casey is a deceiver and has been most of her life. It’s how she operates naturally as a means of concealing who she is deep within and masking the brokenness that lurks beneath her confident exterior. Easily, she manipulates and controls others to achieve her end-game until that church thing happens and until meeting Nikolai, two things that now cause every lie to rest heavily on her lips as she plays the man she comes to love.

As Casey lands quite literally in his arms, Nikolai is taken with her from that first moment. Her sharp wit and self-confidence pique his interest, but soon enough a glimpse of her vulnerability steals his heart, leading him headlong into a relationship unlike anything he’s ever experienced. For the first time since the murder of his mother, Nikolai allows his indifferent heart to attach to another.

Will the aftermath of the storm of Casey’s deception and lies be more than their love can withstand?

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