Event Scheduling

Event scheduling has reopened for the remainder of 2019 through 2020.
If you would like to have Lisa speak at your church or event,
contact us at info@YouAreLovedBook.com.

This interactive, one-day workshop centers on the truth that You. Are. Loved. and how vital that knowledge is in living out your daily life with boldness and faith-filled passion. When you know you’re loved, life takes on a new rhythm.
Come learn to live the love song.

Suggested session schedule:
Speaking Session One – Breakout Session One – Group Response One
Speaking Session Two – Breakout Session Two – Group Response Two

Lunch is suggested between sessions, but we can tailor this workshop to meet your needs.

Group response times are designed to strengthen your women’s group and create lasting bonds. This is a Spirit led, interactive time where the audience will be able to discuss with Lisa concepts they learned through the speaking and breakout sessions.

Sorry there are no events at this time.

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