Free Daybreak Downloads

I’m pleased to offer the Daybreak ebook at no charge.

I’ve loved all of my books in their own way, kind of like my kids. Daybreak is different, though. I’m so passionate about the message and feel such an urgency to make it known that I want to be able to spread it far and wide without cost being a hindrance. And I want you to have the freedom to share it with others.

The FREE ebook download is located below.
Print and ebook editions of Daybreak are now available on Amazon, set at the minimum price Amazon will allow. Print Edition $8.50 (I receive no royalties on print books.)
Ebook Edition .99 if you want Amazon to do the download for you.

We’ve had requests for larger quantities for readers to give away to friends and family. Print copies are available at author cost of $6.50-6.75 depending on your tax rate. Contact us to arrange purchase and shipment at

Remember, you can copy this page address and send it to your friends so they can download their free copy of the ebook, or you can refer them to the Daybreak.Team main page.

The instructions provided will work for most users. I’m not able to offer technical help beyond what I have listed below. If the directions don’t work on your device, you can do a web search on how to download a file based on your computer/e-reader type. If after that you still have a problem downloading the file, I suggest you try the easy route and utilize Amazon. Even if you have an iPad rather than a Kindle, you can download their free Kindle app from the Amazon site.

Choose the Daybreak format that will work on your device:

For Kindle Users:

Download the Daybreak for Kindle ebook below onto your computer or tablet.
Then email the file to your Kindle.

If you don’t know your Kindle email address, here’s how to find it:
On your Kindle, go to Settings.
Click All Settings.
Select Your Account.
Look for Send to Kindle.
Use this address to send the Kindle ebook from your computer.
Return to Home Screen.

Daybreak for Kindle

For Apple Users:

– Desktop/Laptop (Mac)

Click Daybreak for Books below and answer “Allow” to download the file onto your Mac.
Go to the top right corner of your web browser and look for the Download Arrow. Looks like this:

Click the arrow and drag the Daybreak file onto your desktop or double click to open.
The book should open in your Books app.
If it does not automatically open, then double click the file on your desktop to open with Books.

– iPad

Click the link below Daybreak for Books.
Select Open in iBooks.
If you don’t see that option, then click the More tab and select Copy to iBooks.

– iPhone

Email yourself the ebook file from your iPad or computer.
Open email and click attachment.
Click the file again and scroll to your Books app if it doesn’t open automatically.
The book will be added to your library.
Use the PDF in the next section.

Daybreak for Books

PDF for Most Any Device

If you do not have an ereader, you can read the book in PDF format on most any device. This PDF is not formatted for 8.5×11 printing.

Click the Daybreak as PDF link below. It will open the PDF on your web browser.
Click File in the upper lefthand corner of your computer.
Click Export as PDF.
Choose where you would like the PDF to be located, then click Save.

Daybreak as PDF

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