Meats and Veggies

Canned Meats

Great Value Canned Chicken – 4 12.5 oz stack at Walmart. Check for dented sides and bottoms!! I never, ever buy these for store pickup. Some weeks I have to feel the sides and bottoms of 10 stacks just to walk out with one or two.

Great Value Roast Beef – 12 oz can. Do the can dent check. I use this for spaghetti, sloppy Joes, and BBQ on cornbread. You can use it for homemade soups or casseroles. I plan to try it to make tacos and nachos by letting it simmer with water and taco seasoning.

Cured/smoked meats and jerky

A few other choices are:

Tuna & salmon

Pulled pork

Roast beef and corned beef hash

Spam, Vienna sausages, deviled ham, potted meat 🙁 and other highly processed meats. It’s trial and error based on what your family likes.

Keystone Meats is a highly recommended brand that carries several meat items. I’ve purchased beef, pork, and turkey online, but I haven’t tried any of them. You can purchase from Amazon and Walmart as well as the link to the company provided here.

Canned/Dehydrated Veggies

Potatoes – Since I’m a potato girl, I’m stocking up on plenty. I can live on potatoes and skip the meat. I stock whole, sliced, and diced potatoes. Kroger has diced yellow potatoes with skins that, when roughly mashed, give a heartier flavor to instant potatoes. One thing I’ve tried is drained, diced white potatoes for fried potatoes with oil, a little onion powder, and salt and pepper.

Go crazy with the canned veggies based on your pantry space and what your family likes, but remember, to eat a can of corn won’t be nearly as satisfying as a ready-to-eat meal like soup, canned pasta, chili, and stew.

Dehydrated veggies are plentiful on Amazon. I have purchased the well-recommended Augason Farms products. Check out their site for retailers of their products since they don’t sell directly to the public any longer. Also, do a search for “Augason Farms Clearance” on Amazon. I often buy their products 15-50% off that way. They have everything from dehydrated meats, veggies, and fruits to soups and baking mixes. Many of their items last 5-20+ years – way longer than I hope to be here.

I’ve also purchased dehydrated broccoli from Nutristore on Amazon, but I haven’t tried this since I’m saving it for the food-pocalypse.