On 4/19

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John watches Chelsea deliberately as she considers their agreement. Pleased to have found a woman too young to pique any personal interest and one who has aspirations of her own, he’s confident she will solve his dilemma of attending events alone. Tired of being considered available, John will use Chelsea as a smokescreen of sorts. She is kind and intelligent; the perfect protégé, a young woman he can help groom for the corporate world.

Chelsea sits looking at the document before her – her only way out. It’s a deal that will allow her to finish her last year of school, and even more important, keep her from having to return home and face her past for at least another year. Anything would be better than that. So she will “date” a handsome, older man for a year. What was the harm in that?

As the contract stipulates, John and Chelsea begin and end on 4/19 – no exceptions. After a year together, though, and as deepening feelings complicate what is supposed to be a business relationship, will walking away really be as easy as signing her name to a contract?

Chelsea’s story continues in Beyond 4/20 as we see her deepening relationship with God unfold.

Print copy due summer of 2019

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