Prepare a Sanctuary

For those who will be left behind

In some ways it’s been simple, the concept of creating a sanctuary in my home for desperate people in need of food and water after the rapture. On a physical-need level, it’s been a matter of considering what will be most needed and having those things available. It’s the spiritual level that has been a more daunting task. How do you provide spiritually for people when the world around them is in utter chaos and everything tells them all hope is lost? I often find I’m at a loss for words, a rare occurrence for me.

I’ve narrowed down the process to the basics in both categories, physically and spiritually. This has become a labor of love that I’m sharing on in the form of a series of articles I’m providing below. I hope you find them helpful.

Prepare a Sanctuary Series

Lisa’s articles:

Rapture: Before the Final Sunset – article by Lisa
Invites you to join in preparing a sanctuary for those who will be left behind

Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep – article by Lisa
Challenges you to look beyond the title of “the left behind” and to see those who will put their faith in Jesus as future family

Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep – article by Lisa
Provides helpful information on how you can prepare your home for the left behind

Tribulation Saints: Feed His Lambs – article by Lisa
Offers helpful resources to use in your home to minister to the left behind.

Prepare for the Left Behind Physically

Every time I purchase food to stay ahead of rising inflation, I consider that my family may not be the ones who will eat it. We as the church will be taken away someday in the blink of an eye, but my preparations will have not been made in vain. If I can feed a new tribulation saint, then I have reached forward into the dark days they will be living in and provided them some level of physical comfort.

The most obvious physical provisions are food, water, medications, supplements, medical supplies, etc. Get what you can afford. If that means buying a can or two extra per week, then do that knowing the Lord will use your offering, whether a little or a lot.

Prepare for the Left Behind Spiritually

Some of the items I’m using in my home are available as printable PDFs if you would like to use them. See the resource section below.

  • Letters posted about where to find the missing people (in heaven) near food and medical supplies in my home
  • Printouts with warnings of what the left behind might expect after the rapture
  • ABC cards for salvation with a brief explanation about the missing people on the flip side
  • Bibles in gallon zip bags with other helpful items:
    Scriptures, Missing letter, ABC cards for salvation, pens/pencils, notepads, paper clips, glasses/readers in some bags
  • A Bible pack for my car with the missing letter, ABC cards, and a printout with what they might expect after the rapture

Often, inexpensive Bibles can be purchased at thrift stores. I purchased a case of 40 Bibles from The cost was $79.60, $1.99 each, which seems to be a fair price. I found the print in the Bibles to be so tiny that I’m including some glasses/readers of varying strengths with 20 of the Bible packs ($1.25 at Dollar Tree).

Resources/quick links:

Where Do You Find the Missing People? PDF version of my “left behind” letter if you would like to print and use what I wrote
Left Behind Letters – offers various, heart-felt letters you may choose to print and use

ABCs of Salvation Cards – PDF version you can print and leave for after the rapture – Includes the ABCs to respond to the Gospel and a condensed version of “Where Do You Find the Missing People?”
**Please note: If the document you print comes out upside down and you don’t know how to change your printer settings for two-sided, short-edge binding, then we may have a simple solution for you. Since all printer dialogue boxes are different, and I can’t give you steps to correct it, I’m including an upside-down version that should print right side up. (Kind of funny that I had to do this.)
ABCs of Salvation Cards: Upside-Down  If this version doesn’t work for you or you can’t print two sided, you can take the single-sided documents you print to a local print center like Staples and have them make copies that are front and back.  

The following are resources I’ve found online that you can copy and print to leave in your home, warnings for those who are left behind of what will likely occur during the time after the rapture. Remember, many solid teachers have differing views of how they see the timeline after the rapture and the tribulation. Read and use what you feel will be helpful in your home.

A Guide for Those Left Behind –
Rules for the Remnant –, Pete Garcia
Note: Rules for the Remnant, as offered on Pete’s website, didn’t copy over into a printable format for me, so I reformatted it. You’re welcome to use my PDF version if you encounter problems as well.
Rules for the Remnant – Lisa’s formatted PDF version

Online resources: One thing to consider is that while we know there are many “left behind” messages online, they won’t likely remain available. With AI scanning online sources, Christian content will be found and deleted. Make sure you print out anything you want to share with those left behind and make multiple copies to leave in various rooms.