Prepare a Sanctuary

For Those Left Behind

Once we’re gone, people, even some of those we’ve been telling the truth, will call upon the name of the Lord and be saved. They will be His sheep someday; they’re just unborn-again, not born again as of yet. While I was writing Daybreak and reading the passage below, the profound concept of the un-born again sheep settled into my heart. I’ve never looked at the “left behind” the same since then.

“…for the Lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and will guide them to springs of the water of life; and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.” Revelation 7:17

We will tell; most won’t listen. That’s what we’re all facing as believers who see Who’s coming in the rapture and what’s coming for those left behind. I grieve for those people, our future family who will be saved during the seven-year tribulation. I can’t imagine the regret they will experience over having not heeded our warning in time.

And then there are those who’ve never heard at all. The chaos and horror will come upon them totally out of the blue since they currently believe life as they know it will continue unhindered. We know better. We know they will desperately need guidance. What more can we do than to leave our homes to them as a sanctuary in a physical and spiritual sense.

Every time I purchase food to stock up for coming food shortages, I consider that my family or friends may not be the ones who will eat it. We as the church will be taken away someday in the blink of an eye, but my preparations will have not been made in vain. If I can feed a new tribulation saint, then I have reached forward into the dark days they will be living in and provided them some level of physical comfort.

As for spiritual preparations, I am leaving Bibles and written resources to help them know the Jesus Who will save them through the tribulation, if only they will call upon His name. We can’t do anymore than that, offer what we have and know, and pray for them, that all who enter our homes find sanctuary with food and the written Word. And even more importantly, we can pray that they find the Sanctuary for their souls, that they may someday soon arrive in heaven and come track us down to thank us for that can of soup and a letter that told them about our Jesus.

I purchased a case of 40 Bibles from The cost was $79.60, $1.99 each. That seems to be a fair price. Since I don’t know what will be the conditions of my home, to keep the Bibles safe from water damage, I’m placing them into large zip bags. I found the type in the Bibles to be so tiny that I’m including some readers of varying strengths with a 20 of them ($1.25 at The Dollar Tree).

Coming Soon:

I will add a sample letter you can print and leave in your home. I will also provide any other ideas I come across as I research. One thing to consider is that while we know there are many “left behind” messages online, they won’t likely remain available. With AI scanning online sources, Christian content will be found and deleted. Make sure you print out anything you want to share with those left behind and make multiple copies to leave in various rooms.