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Note: World events that point to the tribulation and the sooner-than-that rapture are changing so rapidly, I can hardly keep up with all that’s going on. I watch many partial videos that I never get to finish before some new big happening is being reported. If you scan the bolded sources below, you can’t go wrong with following their sites, and YouTube/Rumble channels. 

Week ending 12/3/22

Why We’re Not in the Tribulation Yet – Pastor JD Farag, prophecy update
I actually read the transcript of this one. Not sure if you’ve noticed that’s an option below each of his videos.

Painted in the Prophetic Corner – Pastor JD Farag, prophecy update

The Fig Tree Generation –, Pete Garcia
If you’re confused by the differing views about the parable of the fig tree in Matthew 24, this is a great video to watch. In response to other popular teaching otherwise, Pete does a thorough job of presenting his belief that the budding of the fig tree is in reference to the return of Israel in 1948. I agree with him wholeheartedly. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Disney+ Releases ‘The Santa Clauses’ Movie Featuring A ‘We Love You Satan’ Montage Scene That Producers Say Is ‘Just A Joke’ – Now the End Begins website
Absolutely shocking, yet not at all surprising. If you and your family are still supporting Disney in any way whatsoever, you absolutely need to rethink that in light of their blatant wickedness.

Rapture Ready End-Time News –
Daily headlines of world happenings as they relate to Biblical prophecy

Who is Like the Beast? – with Pete Garcia
Pete is a great source to follow through his blog and online videos.

The Early Church Fathers on the Pre-Trib Rapture – Lion & Lamb Ministries Blog
I always find resources with Lee Brainard to be informative.

Week ending 11/26/22

The Collapse of Everything! | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes 

Your Final Exam: The Bema Seat – Dr. Mark HitchcockOlive Tree Ministries
Though recorded a few years ago, this discussion on the Bema Seat is very informative and encouraging.

Week ending 11/14/22

Running Out Of Normal – with Pete GarciaGeneration 2434 (with Tyler)
Tyler and Pete do a great job of depicting just how little time we have remaining of what can be considered relatively normal life. Too much is coming on the world, shadows of what Revelation 6 depicts as a picture of the tribulation: wars, famine, and massive, wide-scale death. You may have to set aside a few blocks of time since it’s such a long video, but I assure you it’s worth your time.

Building Back Babel, article by Pete Garcia

Week ending 10/22/22

Israeli Rabbi Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Messiah – Israel Today article by Ryan Jones

“Ye Shall Be As Gods”Understanding the Times with Jan Markell, Pastor Billy Crone and Pastor Mark Henry
This is a long one. I’m still in the process of watching it. Billy Crone does a good job explaining the transhumanism movement.

Hebrews Study: Be Diligent…. God Sees You – article by Sean Gooding – Sometimes you just need a little encouragement.

Week ending 10/15/22

Frontline News – America’s Frontline Doctors now has a news site you can follow. 

OpenVAERS Update – Current Covid Vaccine Adverse Event Report

I know we’ve all heard rumors regarding our government’s involvement in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11, but until recently I haven’t taken the time to learn much about it. I’ll admit, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the possibility that we really aren’t the good guys after all. I’m thankful for Pastor JD Farag’s message that gives context and background on what may be the truth behind the tragedy.

Powerful Prophetic Demonic Deception – Pastor JD Farag

FLIGHT ATTENDANT SHEDS NEW LIGHT ON 9/11 – Truly compelling BitChute video (I do not know the source who posted this video.) 

Week ending 9/30/22 

ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION YET?! | Live with Tom Hughes & Pablo Frascini

Biblical Necessity of a Third Jewish Temple – By Jonathan Brentner

Biden signs executive order designed to unleash transhumanist hell on America and the world – by Leo Hohmann

Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy

Week ending 9/23/22

God gave us Bible prophecy so we would know exactly what is coming SOON! – Comfort One Another site

Forget about Biden, Trudeau, Macron and the rest of the WEF’s puppet politicians: It’s the system that rules us and the system that must be broken –

Echo of Ezekiel 38: Putin Declares Partnership With Islam in New World OrderComfort One Another site
I am subscribed to receive information from this site. I’ve always found his articles interesting and informative.

The Antichrist AI Matrix – Live with Pete Garcia – Generation 2434 channel with Tyler
I’ve watched a portion of this so far. Playlist for this series.

Week ending 9/16/22

America Is Not Exempt From Judgment :: By Grant Phillips
This is a great reminder for those who are anticipating America being “great again.” 

This is Bad. Real Bad.  – Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes
What’s happening in Canada with the government and farmers will someday happen here as well. Pastor Tom explains what ESG is if you’re new to the concerning future of how we will all be “judged” by our Environmental, Social, and Governance compliance.

Echo of Ezekiel 38: Putin Declares Partnership With Islam in New World Order – Comfort One Another site
I’m subscribed to the posts from this site. They are always insightful.

Humanity’s Deadliest Experiment Yet, Only Tested on Mice – Dr. Mercola

Frontline Flash™ Daily Dose: ‘Monkeypox Jab: Just Say No!’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre, America’s Front Line Doctors

Week ending 9/9/22

Prepare Your Heart – Daybreaks Are Dwindling – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton

The early conversation is about a video game that is truly satanic in nature.

Endgame Agenda – Pete Garcia & Generation2434
This is a long but interesting video, a deep dive into the endgame of the antichrist. I’ve never heard this perspective of who the antichrist might be.

Why the COVID Jab Should Be Banned for Pregnant Women – Dr. Mercola

Wall Street Is Buying Everyone’s Homes and Driving Up Prices – Dr. Mercola

COVID Jabs Impact Both Male and Female Fertility – Dr. Mercola

Week 8/27/22

A couple of interesting things I read last week:

Trending Towards the Tribulation: 7 Indicators To Watch – By Jan Markell

Central Bank Digital Currencies &…Enslavement – By Britt Gillette
This is an older article, but I appreciate how clearly this writer explains the overall concept and dangers of the CBDC transitions. It’s actually still so relevant today that I didn’t even notice it was published last year.

Week ending 8/13/22

Hope For Our Times: 10 Reasons Jesus Is Returning Soon with Co-Host Eric Barger – Co guest host – Pablo Frascini

This Is Worse Than We Thought | Prophecy Update –  Pastor Tom Hughes 
This is an alarming look at climate engineering that will leave 40 million people without water on America’s West Coast. 

7-30-22 Yuval Harari: The Oracle for the Digital Dictatorship [Prophecy Update] – Brandon Holthaus
This is a startling video. This Harari guy, who Pastor Brandon is discussing, is one wicked dude. Stick with it to the end. The way Pastor Brandon describes Satan’s need for technology in order to mimic God’s abilities makes so much sense. 
Nobody Will Be Able to Escape This! – Prophecy Update with Pastor Tom Hughes, Digital IDs are coming.
Dozens Of Sailors Confirm U.S. Warships Were Swarmed By ‘At Least 100’ UFOs: Report – The Daily Wire
Aliens will be used to explain the disappearance of millions of believers after the rapture.

Week ending 7/30/22

Issue Brief: The Next Pandemic | WHO Announces Monkeypox Global Emergency – America’s Frontline Doctors

“DO NOT lock down; DO NOT inoculate; DO NOT FEAR. 

7-22-22 WEF Gas $’s Need to Rise – Prophecy Update, Pastor Brandon Holthaus

Proper Chronology Of The End Times – Pastor Brandon Holthaus and Pablo Frascini.
The belief of a gap of years between the rapture and the tribulation is held by many. These guys hold to this belief and make a sound case. I’ll have to do some more investigating and studying on this one. It’s nice, though, to hear a variety of opinions. I always value Pastor Brandon’s viewpoint, and I like Pablo. I’ve listened to several of his podcasts.

I can never recommend Pastor JD Farag’s Prophecy Updates enough. He doesn’t just tell us what’s going on; he gives us encouragement to persevere throughout this unknown journey.

Prepping and Trusting God: Are They Compatible: Rapture Ready article by Dave Hubley

Elitists’ Goal: Wipe Out Good Food – Dr. Mercola

“All of this — health, food security, independence and freedom — are what the global elitists, led by the World Economic Forum, intend to destroy so that they can then roll out a new food system based entirely on patented, cheaply-made, ultraprocessed imitation foods, including lab-grown32 and plant-33 or fungi-based34 meat substitutes and “clean, green” protein alternatives such as cricket meal and mealworms.”

We are rapidly accelerating toward a world where globalists plan to replace meat with bugs and synthetic protein. Celebs are jumping in, promoting meat alternatives. Did you see the video of Nicole Kidman eating bugs? She called it micro livestock. Yeah, it’s a thing.

Along this same line, check out this link. Bugible | THE POWER TO PESTER: WHY KIDS ARE KEY TO EDIBLE BUG ACCEPTANCE is a campaign to market bugs to children.

Week ending 7/23/22

7-19-22 “TRUCK POCALYPSE” [Prophecy Update] – Pastor Brandon Holthaus, Rockharbor Church
Pastor Brandon discusses California’s AB5 law and its far-reaching implications for the trucking industry and our already-struggling supply chain. Other states are considering the same legislation that will remove thousands of drivers from the road. He also reminds us that we need to prepare ourselves physically, spiritually, and mentally for the challenging days ahead as our economy and all we’re accustomed to continues to be intentionally dismantled. 

There Is No Remedy For This | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

Major Problems and Signs Galore :: By Daymond Duck

The Prophetic Snowball Effect – Prophecy Update, Pastor JD Farag

“So this prophetic snowball actually started rolling decades ago, but it was late 2019 and early 2020 that the ball really started rolling. And you know what I’m talking about, right?

“It was at this time that everything began to pick up speed when the whole world was in lockstep like we’ve never seen before, the whole world in lockstep and went into lockdown, the whole world.

“Now here we are some two-and-a-half-years later in 2022, and it now seems that it’s moving even faster, which is why the unstoppable momentum has ensued.

“What follows is a list of – I got it down to 10 – just 10 realities that we face today that even five years ago, though they were already in place, the ball was already rolling, we knew little to nothing about – five years – I’m going back five years.”

Week ending 7/16/22

Why is NYC running Nuclear Preparedness videos?

Trending Towards the Tribulation: 7 Indicators To Watch :: By Jan Markell

Frontline Flash™ Daily Dose: ‘Boosters For Kids: Just Say No’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre – Kids don’t need Covid shots

I get Dr. Mercola articles daily and save them up to add here. Below is a list of a few discussing food shortages and financial concerns.

How Bad Will the Food Shortage Get?
How to Secure Your Water Supply for Emergencies
Get Prepared With Shelf-Stable Food
Preparing for the Reality of Financial Collapse

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming – What Will The Consequences Be? –, by Tyler Durden

“As I’ve warned for a long time now, the Fed has created a Catch-22 scenario in which the economy crashes no matter which policy decision they make.
But what if this was all by design?
With the introduction of CBDCs in the wake of a stagflationary crash, the central banks could call for a new global network of currencies to “stop such a crisis from ever happening again.” The BIS and the IMF will be ready and waiting with the SDR basket, or something very similar. The bankers will remove all physical money over a short period of time and a global digital system will take over. All privacy in trade will be gone, except for those people involved in barter, black markets and commodities.
The advent of CBDCs could also mean that money and economic participation will become privileges, not rights. Digital trade could be tied to a social credit system, much like the one that exists in communist China.
Want access to your checking and savings accounts? Better not say anything critical of the establishment, or you could be reported by a neighbor or stranger by cell phone app and have your money disappear in seconds. The onus will then be on you to prove that you are “loyal” and get access back. You are guilty until proven innocent. Maybe you don’t want to take the next untested mRNA vaccine for the next dubious pandemic threat? You’ll have little choice if your ability to function economically is controlled digitally.
This is the world we are facing if we allow central banks to fully digitize money and trade. It is a nightmare environment of complete authoritarianism. The public at large is mostly unaware of the incredible danger inherent in CBDCs and they must be educated before the current crisis grows so large that they can no longer focus on anything other than their own problems.”

Week ending 7/9/22

I’ve missed the past weeks after the death of my father-in-law. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for our family.

Controlled Demolition of Everything – Pastor Tom Hughes

Quoted in video above and worth the read. U.S. Farmers Issue Dire Warnings of Food Shortages as Most Americans are Clueless as to How Their Food is Produced and Unprepared for What’s Coming – Health Impact News

They Don’t Want You to Know This – Pastor Tom Hughes

This is the Rapture Ready article quoted in above video. I recommend reading the entire article. Melting Down and Running Out of Time – by Daymond Duck

Food factories are mysteriously burning to the ground internationally, too – Natural News article by Ethan Huff

WMD (Weapons of Mass Distraction) – by Pete Garcia
Pete is a new source to me, a friend of Pastor Tom Hughes. He’s a truly deep thinker. This was a good post on his site,

After all this doom and gloom, need some encouragement? I went back to a May sermon of Pastor JD Farag’s. I so needed this. Please take the time to listen (or read). 

It’s Always Darkest before the Dawn – Sermon – Pastor JD Farag
It’s Always Darkest before the Dawn – Transcript – Pastor JD Farag

Week ending 6/18/22

Google Engineer on Leave after He Claims AI Program Has Gone Sentient – This is an eye-popping article to see just how close we are to a “Terminator” type of world where artificial intelligence develops a “mind” of its own.

Week ending 6/11/22

Truckers warn skyrocketing diesel prices are making US supply-chain and trucking industry unsustainable

Out of the shadows and in your face: Technocracy’s high-tech war against humanity doesn’t need guns, bullets of tanks; but it’s every bit as lethal.

Great Reset- What do they think of people who will live in the country? – Chad at Health and Homestead
This is a new source to me. I don’t know Chad’s doctrinal or rapture beliefs, but I do know he’s a Christian. I share because he does such a great job of explaining plans for the Great Reset in such a simple way. This may be something you can share with friends who don’t see.

Catching up on Dr. Mercola articles. If you don’t get his emails, you really should sign up. He has such straight-forward content. 

Fake Meat, Fake Breastmilk and Food Shortages

The Monkey Business Behind Monkeypox Propaganda

Did Pfizer Commit Huge Fraud in Its COVID Vaccine Research?Did Pfizer Commit Huge Fraud in Its COVID Vaccine Research?

The Great Reset Snakes Are Slithering Together in Davos

Week ending 6/4/22

Pastor JD Farag – Prophecy Updates. You’ll find Pastor JD covers the latest world happenings as they relate to Biblical prophecy. His are longer videos, but you can read the transcripts if you’re pressed for time. Below are a couple of recent updates you’ll want to catch.

A Full Plate Prophetically: Video – Prophecy Updates 2022-05-08
A Full Plate Prophetically: Transcript – Prophecy Updates 2022-05-08

Don’t Fear What’s Coming: Video – Prophecy Updates 2022-05-01
Don’t Fear What’s Coming: Transcript – Prophecy Updates 2022-05-01

Hope For Our Times Watch List. If you haven’t caught Pastor Tom’s latest, I suggest you catch up. His brief, informative videos are helpful to keep you updated on the latest.

If you’re not signed up for Dr. Joseph Mercola’s emails, I highly recommend them for daily information. While I don’t know Dr. Mercola’s beliefs, I often share his PDFs since they provide such a wealth of information. Both articles below are worth a read. It’s hard to tell what the global elites will use next to try and lock us down and control us, but we can be certain something is around the corner. 

The Monkey Business Behind Monkeypox Propaganda – Dr. Mercola

Weaponized Bird Flu – Dr. Mercola

Week ending 5/21/22

World Health Assembly to vote on IHR amendments in unprecedented WHO power grab – America’s Front Line Doctors article
**This is a very big deal.

Yuval Noah Harari on The Future of Humanity – Super creepy YouTube video. This is the man who has tremendous sway over the beliefs of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset.

Congress holds historic public UFO hearing, as military struggles to understand ‘mystery’ flying phenomena – Fox News article

Israel Joins US in Plan to Hand Over Sovereignty to United Nations World Health Organization – Leo Hohmann article

Food Plants on Fire – Dr. Mercola

Food Systems Will Control You – Dr. Mercola

Week ending 5/14/22

Jews Begin Building Third Temple on Israel Independence Day  – Israel365 News article

Why Food Prices Are Expected to Skyrocket – by Dr. Mercola

Everything is a Lie – Prophecy Update with Pastor Tom Hughes

Running out of Time – Rapture Ready article by Daymond Duck

World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies – by Dr. Mercola

Week ending 5/7/22

Bill Gates Calls for Worldwide Government Surveillance System – Israel365 News article

COVID Persists – What About the Vaccine? – by Dr. Mercola

The Pandemic Treaty Is a Spreading Plague – by Dr. Mercola

What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda – by Dr. Mercola

Week ending 4/30/22

3 Factors Which Are About to Make The Coming Food Shortages Even Worse

Week ending 4/23/22

Is your church getting paid by the government to convince the flock to get injected?

United States of Apple: Arizona to Offer Digital Drivers Licenses on iPhones as Other States Develop Plans

Biden Administration Paid Media 1 Billion Dollars for Covid Shot Propaganda

“On Friday, April 8, 2022, Union Pacific informed CF Industries without advance notice that it was mandating certain shippers to reduce the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately.”
“Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all. By placing this arbitrary restriction on just a handful of shippers, Union Pacific is jeopardizing farmers’ harvests and increasing the cost of food for consumers.”

Week ending 4/9/22

Worldwide Famine – Tipping Point – End Times Teaching – Jimmy Evans

3/27/22 Sunday Sermon – A Sign of the Times Person, Daniel 5:13-22 – Pastor Brandon Holthaus
This is one of the most challenging and informative sermons I’ve seen in some time. 

Week ending 4/2/22

Globalist Deception/Hook in the Jaw – Pastor Billy Crone – (Great Video)

Kim’s Comments: “In this highly informative video, Pastor Billy Crone shows what is really going on behind the scenes as the mainstream media pushes its Russia/Ukraine narrative. He also goes into great detail explaining Israel’s much-coveted resources, many of them recently discovered, that could very well be the hooks that God uses to draw Gog/Magog as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39.”

On the heels of the video above, the following is a link to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s profile as part of the World Economic Forum Community: VolodymyrZelenkyy 

MUST Read/Watch:

BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Economist at World Government Summit says new financial world order about to shift in dramatic new direction – article by Leo Hohmann with video included


“Dr. Pippa Malmgrem, a top American economist who served as a special adviser to former President George W. Bush, made a statement that confirms everything myself and others have been reporting for quite some time – that a cashless society is looming right around the corner.

Malmgren stated:

‘We are on the brink of a dramatic change where we are about to, and I’ll say this boldly, we are about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introduce a new one. And the new one; the new accounting is what we call blockchain… It means digital, it means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy, which will give us far greater clarity over what’s going on.'”

Creepy Klaus Schwab Advisor Says Covid Will Lead to Acceptance of Total BioMetric Surveillance  – by Charlie Kirk

Forum of Young Global Leaders – “Aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission”

“About us

Our growing membership of more than 1,400 members and alumni of 120 nationalities includes civic and business innovators, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, educators, activists, artists, journalists, and more.

Aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission, we seek to drive public-private co-operation in the global public interest. We are united by the belief that today’s pressing problems present an opportunity to build a better future across sectors and boundaries.”

Search Here This link allows you to search and view lists for community members.

North America  – Twenty eight pages of global-minded leaders from every sector in North America. Founders, CEOs, employees, professors, mayors, council members, you name it, every imaginable area of influence is represented by the WEF globalist agenda.

I pulled a few examples of members of sectors represented:

Universities: Johns Hopkins, Harvard University, Caltech, and MIT

Retailers: Amazon

Pharma: Pfizer

Transportation: UPS

Food: Tyson Foods

SM/Tech: Meta, Microsoft, Verizon, Vimeo

Finance: BlackRock, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Western Union, and Mastercard 

News Media: CBS News, Washington Post, Fox News

A few not-so-surprising shoutouts:

Mark Zuckerberg – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Meta, USA

Pete Buttigieg – Secretary of Transportation, US Department of Transportation, USA

Chrystia Freeland – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Canada

Renée Maria Tremblay – Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of Canada, Canada

I didn’t search Europe, but of course Emmanuel Macron, French President, is on the list.

** The following three Dr. Mercola PDFs are ones I had misfiled, so they aren’t from this week. I think they all bear a quick read.

Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed – Dr. Mercola

Understanding Today’s Hybrid War – Dr. Mercola

The Great Reset’s 5G Cyborg Ecosystem – Dr. Mercola

A Kim’s pick I haven’t had a chance to view yet:

Did Biden’s handlers just give us the “final warning” about the next big crisis that will be used to reset the world? – (Investigative reporting on globalism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and where politics, culture and religion intersect) — Leo Hohmann is a new source to me. 

Week ending 3/26/22

HopeFourOurTimes has several latest videos to watch.

How the COVID Vaccine Altered These People’s Lives – By Dr. Mercola

I recommend you check out as a weekly source, a site where I have become a contributor. I have read some interesting articles there. Since I don’t know the beliefs of all who contribute on this site, I haven’t added specific links. 

Week ending 3/19/22

One source I will add weekly is Hope for Our Times with Pastor Tom Hughes. Many teachers cover the latest happenings in our world, but provides several weekly videos with up-to-the-minute information on topics ranging from U.S. and global economic news to the war in Europe as viewed through the lens of Scripture. 

This week, I will add one from Hope for Our Times that we suggest you watch, one that covers preparedness as we face economic hard times in our nation. These two pastors make a great point, how so many believers think we will be raptured prior to economic collapse and hard times. While they do not believe we will be here for the tribulation, they do remind us that we will face hard times ahead and how to begin preparations. I appreciate how they provide wisdom from Scripture and warn how we are not to place our hope or trust in things such as stockpiles while also reminding of our responsibility to prepare for what the Lord is merciful enough to show us is coming.

The Economy’s Collapsing: What Should You Do? – Live with Tom Hughes & Mark Henry

Additional information:

Biden’s Values – By Daymond Duck

What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda – Dr. Mercola


  • According to Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution is to change what it means to be human by merging man and machine

  • Humans are now “hackable,” in that technology now exists by which a company or government can know you better than you know yourself, and that can be very dangerous if misused

  • Professor Yuval Noah Harari predicts that algorithms will increasingly be used to make decisions that have historically been made by humans, either yourself or someone else, including whether or not you’ll be hired for a particular job, whether you’ll be granted a loan, what scholastic curriculum you will follow and even who you will marry

  • Harari warns that if we allow the establishment of a digital dictatorship, where the system, be it a corporation or a government, knows the most intimate details about each and every person, it will be impossible to dismantle it. Its control will be total and irreversible

  • If you believe that your thoughts and behavior are and always will remain under your own control, think again. We already have the technology to directly alter thoughts, emotions and behavior

Week ending 2/26/22

Putin’s Religious Motives to Invade Ukraine – Brandon Holthaus Q&A

Week ending 2/19/22

I’m behind on adding my Mercola articles. Here are several worth scanning.

An Easy and Effective Shield to Protect From COVID-19 – Dr. Mercola

COVID Criminal Network Leads to the Gates of Hell – Dr. Mercola

The Plan to Turn You Into a Genetically Edited Human Cyborg – Dr. Mercola

Why Are Professional Athletes Collapsing on the Field? – Dr. Mercola

Why Did US Deaths Shoot Up 40% Above Normal Last Year? – Insurance companies in the U.S. find a rise in deaths among working age adults during Q2-Q3. This coincides with mass vaccinations yet is still unacknowledged among the media and health industry. I literally don’t know they ignore facts like this.

Transhumanism and the Nearness of the Tribulation – Jonathan Brentner


“Some might criticize the “political” tone of many of my blog posts this past year. However, in response I would say this: I write about transhumanism and events related to it because these things signify the nearness of the seven-year Tribulation and as a result impact the daily lives of many people in our world. The “vaccine” mandates tell us that the kingdom of the antichrist is forming before our eyes and because many believers recognize this, I write to provide encouragement regarding the dangers they astutely recognize.”

Week ending 2/12/22

10 Steps to Protect Your Money from Massive… : Glenn Beck – Truly, this is getting real, the concept of a financial collapse and their ultimate goal of a digital currency that will control how we are able to use our money.

Kim’s Picks:

How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread COVID Propaganda To Churches – This bold, connect-the-dots article helps us understand how it is that so many religious leaders seemed to be in lockstep with the government in promoting the COVID narrative. 

This Pivotal Moment – Episode 1 – This seventeen-minute video explains how the global rollout of “vaccine” passports has nothing to do with health, but is rather the means to create a completely controlled and surveilled totalitarian state.  

IMG 8238 – On January 24, 2022, Nicole Sirotek, RN and founder of American Frontline Nurses, testified at Senator Ron Johnson’s COVID-19: A Second Opinion panel about the frightful state of hospitals in our country based upon her first-hand experiences. I (Kim) highly recommend you watch this short, eye-opening video of this nurse who is also known as “The Original New York Nurse Whistleblower.” 

Week ending 2/5/22

Over 500,000 Covid Deaths Could Have Been Prevented: Don’t miss this update where some of the world’s top doctors come together to discuss Covid.

Why I Believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture: 11 Reasons Why Jesus Will Come Back Before the Tribulation – Nathan E. Jones, Lamb & Lion Ministries | This is a great overview of the position of the pre-trib rapture. 

Foreshadows of the Black Horse – Jan Markell interview with economist Dan Celia about the failing economic system and soon coming digital currency 

Covid Deaths Massively Exaggerated – Great Dr. Mercola article to read.

We Are a Miracle – I invite you to watch this brief video about Israel and God’s divine hand upon His people. It took a turn I didn’t expect, but I have to say I truly enjoyed it. We can hardly watch without remembering that soon, the people of Israel, those who do survive the coming tribulation, will finally come to know Jesus as their true Messiah.

Week ending 1/29/22

Prophecy Brief: WEF, USA and the NWO – Pastor Brian Bachochin

This Is Alarming! – Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes
Short video with a large warning. We are no longer the U.S. who used to stand as a super power. Our destruction is from within.

Food Shortages Are Going to Be Much Worse Than We Are Being Told – Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

Pandemic Narrative Undergoes Radical U Turn Dr. Mercola

These are Kim’s picks. I haven’t gotten to view these yet:

MIT Scientist’s Warning for Parents About the Covid Vaccine
MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff warns that parents should do all they can to avoid giving their children the Covid vaxx.

“Through the prion-like action of the spike protein, we will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases…with increasing prevalence among younger and younger populations.”

“When you look at the potential harm from the vaccines, it just doesn’t make any sense, and certainly repeated boosters is just going to be very devastating, I think, in the long term.”

“The New World Order Slave System”   – Dr. Mercola interviewing Dr. Zelenko
I highly recommend this entire video, though if you’re short on time you may want to begin at approximately the 26:05 point.

*** Note: Dr. Zelenko mentions the future mark of the beast. We know that because the rapture has not happened and the beast has not yet been revealed, the current vaxx is not the mark.

2021 Covid 19 Vaccine Incentive Program Guide
This is but one example of how healthcare providers are being bribed to give more people the COVID-19 injection.

“The purpose of this program is to encourage Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Rural Health Centers (RHCs), and Indian Health Facilities (IHFs) to educate and facilitate their Medi-Cal patients who still need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to receive their COVID-19 vaccine(s).” (From page 3)

From Table 1 on page 7: Providers who are registered and actively administering COVID-19 vaccines in their office will receive the incentive of $125 per fully vaccinated assigned Member.

From page 4: IEHP is forever removed from any liability.

Week ending: 1/22/22

The Federal Reserve moves forward with digital currency initiative – Blaze Media

“Physical currency may soon become a thing of the past as the United States Federal Reserve takes the next step in completely digitizing the dollar.”

The End of Freedom – Daymond Duck is the founder and president of Prophecy Plus Ministries.

Week ending: 1/15/22

Hope for Our Times Watch List – If you missed his latest, check out this week’s videos from Pastor Tom Hughes. I follow him weekly for informative updates.

No Doubt About It | Daymond Duck – This is the list of current happenings that Pastor Tom is quoting from in his “They Don’t Know What’s About to Happen” video.

Bill Simon: Supply chain crisis is a ‘shocking and unmitigated’ disaster – Fox News on Rumble
Bill Simon is the former Walmart President and CEO. Supply shortages and price increases are discussed in this brief video.

New Data: Omicron makes vax mandates obsolete – Rumble video One America News Network

Oregon Is Getting Ready to Debut a Digital Vaccine Card – Article by Portland Monthly

Excerpt from article: (Seems like we heard this with vaxx mandates.)
“Use of the digital vaccine record will be strictly voluntary and optional, developers at the Oregon Health Authority have stressed repeatedly.

In other words: a statewide mandate that Oregonians would need to show digital proof of vaccination in order to enter certain businesses, a system in place in Israel, France, Scotland, Italy, and elsewhere, is not under discussion.”

Week ending: 1/8/22

You’ll notice I spent much of my watching time this week with Pastor Tom. I highly recommend you visit his site each week to find his updates. This is where you will find Pastor Tom’s video library to go back and watch earlier episodes.

The first set of videos covers various topics, but a common theme is the soon-coming financial collapse and food shortage. Newest videos are on top.

Brainwashing! | Tom and James Prophecy Podcast

And This is Just the Beginning | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

This is Not Good!  | Live with Tom Hughes and Monkey Werx

The Hour is Late! | Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes

Week ending 1/1/22

New Year’s Eve Prophecy Update Tom Hughes and Billy Crone
Begin at the 14:00 mark to skip the countdown and live stream announcements. This is a full-content video that I highly recommend you watch. Topics included are: the changing Covid narrative, smallpox, UFOs (NASA invites religious leaders to give input on how Christians would react if aliens were discovered), “vaccine” passports (microchips), and the weakened status of the United States in the world and within our borders.

Here’s What’s Coming in 2022! | Tom and James Prophecy Podcast  – They discuss possibilities for 2022.