Some would suggest that the vaccine was not created for Covid, but rather Covid for the vaccine. 

How is it that the beast in Revelation chapter 13 will be able to “deceive those who dwell on earth”? What global deception will Satan use to bring all the world under his control for the Antichrist’s arrival on the scene? Already, at this very moment, his mass global deception is unfolding right before our eyes. Because of this well-orchestrated Covid virus, the gates of the countries of the world have been opened wide to allow this masterfully created Trojan horse to gain entrance. From the outside, what appears to be a benevolent gift, a vaccine meant to save us, is in reality the enemy’s covert vehicle used to overtake an unsuspecting population.

No matter what you read or hear, never believe that this was some accidental, natural happening. The Covid plandemic was timed precisely to allow the global elites of the World Economic Forum to take the next step in their agenda toward what they call the “Great Reset,” their vision for the future of the world. Their founder, Klaus Schwab, openly describes the Covid pandemic as an opportunity. (see image)

Covid is without question real and has been used to killed millions of people from whom early, effective medical treatments were withheld. That was always the intention, to kill and destroy, but isn’t that the goal when you unleash a bioweapon on unsuspecting humanity? Their ultimate end is controlling the masses through fear. Mankind fears little else more than death, so once convinced that a “deadly” virus is uncontainable and untreatable, the masses will stand in line with their sleeves rolled up begging for the “solution.”

Their plan has worked as intended on most of the world’s population. But they underestimated the critical thinkers and Spirit-filled believers who’ve read the Book and know what “the end” is going to look like. So here we are, a remnant in this world of fear-filled acceptors, a remnant who refuses to accept the lies, the fear mongering, and the vaxx. The Lord has given us truth speakers to challenge the narrative of this world. Below, you will find many such truth speakers under the Doctors/Scientists tab, then below that, a few videos under the virus and vaxx sections to get you started on your own investigation.

On this page you will find a list of credible doctors and scientists who are speaking truth about Covid, masks, natural immunity, and related topics.

In the links under each section below, you will hear from doctors who have been successfully treating Covid patients since the very beginning of the plandemic. With an over 99% recovery rate, Covid is by no means a death sentence, even for the elderly and those with preexisting medical conditions, especially when treated early and aggressively. That the CDC would suggest, and the medical community would blindly follow, the idea that a patient with Covid should sit at home and do nothing, and only go to the ER if they experience breathing difficulties or other emergency warning signs, is not only negligence; it is murder. Millions have been murdered, families terrorized, and bodies irreversibly harmed in order to accomplish the satanic push toward an entirely “vaccinated” population.

Virus Information

My goal throughout this website is to connect you to the resources I’ve used since the spring of 2020 so that you can do your own research and familiarize yourself with the facts that have been hidden from you by the mainstream media. Then you can make your own determination and informed decisions going forward. I’m not a doctor and would never consider giving anyone medical advice. We, as individuals, must be critical thinkers. We must search for truth and then choose how to apply that truth to our own lives and families.

Additional links and information will be added in the future.

General Topic Covid Videos

5 Key Talking Points about Covid This video with speaker Dr. Peter McCullough at the ReAwaken America Conference outlines the following talking points for those times when you’re able to share truth with others.

I’ve provided general notes to give you an idea of the video content.

– There is no asymptomatic spread. A person with no symptoms is not contagious and cannot spread the virus.
– Because there is no asymptomatic spread, we never needed to close down schools. We never needed to wear masks.
– Once someone has recovered from Covid, it’s one and done. If you’ve had Covid, the plandemic is over for you. There is not one single failure of natural immunity. The CDC finally admitted there is not a single case of reinfection.
– The illness is immensely treatable early on. There are many treatment protocols developed by doctors worldwide. 
– The vaxx has not performed as expected. There is a high rate of death in the vaccinated, over 19,000 deaths and 31,000 permanent disabilities.

Billy Crone – Covid Update Series
I stumbled across Part 3 and found it so informative that I am currently working through the entire series.

Update Date Recorded Topic
Covid19 Update Part 1 12-6-2020 Fear
Covid19 Update Part 2 8-4-2021 Money
Covid19 Update Part 3 11-10-2021 Lies
Covid19 Update Part 4  12-01-2021 Murder
Covid19 Update Part 5  12-15-2021 Disappearance and Resistance

COVID-19: A Pandemic of Misinformation A frontline doctor is hoping to clarify information surrounding COVID-19.
Doctor Brian Tyson has treated over 6,000 Covid patients with a 100% success rate. I like what this doctor says: “Follow the money.” For some this is absolutely about the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical industry stands to continue to make on ongoing boosters.
This video covers early treatment and vaxx misinformation. I appreciate these simple-to-understand questions and answers that help us, the public, understand the truth behind the lies we are being told by government officials and the media. 


Masks: The Science & The Myths (Dr. Lee Merritt) – White Coat Summit II This video offers easy-to-understand facts about masks. I noticed that you can’t see her slide presentation in this particular version, but her explanations are clear and easy to process.

Literal Mask Expert Opens a Can on School Board

An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful PDF
This medical analysis is filled with well-documented, evidence-based information on masks, their lack of effectiveness, and the harmful effects of continued wear.

Paper excerpt:
“We are all confused by the mixed messages we have received on mask wearing in the community, businesses, and schools. The issue has become tribal, divisive, and for most, confusing. However, I am not confused. I am fully informed on the scientific research related to masks. After reading this, you will be too. Then, you can make the best decisions for you and your family.”

Immune Support

Prevention Protocol by Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)
Natural supplements list and basic prevention protocols to boost your natural immune system.

Quercetin – An Alternative to Hydroxychloroquine by Dr. Mercola

Can Vitamin D Prevent Covid Deaths? Highwire with Del Bigtree

Covid Treatments

Zelenko Protocol – This early treatment regimen has been designed by world-renowned physician, Doctor Zelenko.

Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy Since many primary care physicians will not treat Covid, but instead tell you to go home to suffer, if you find you have Covid, you may choose to seek treatment. This is one source I used to find a doctor in Tennessee willing to prescribe life-saving medications. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page to find your state. (You’re really in luck if you live in Texas.)

The AMA’s Misinformation Media Campaign on Ivermectin is Harming Americans Ivermectin safety: America Out Loud interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

Natural Immunity

With so much scientific data to support that natural immunity after recovery from Covid is lasting and durable, why do government leaders and health organizations who claim to “follow the science” refuse to follow the science? It is a rare occurrence for unvaccinated people who have recovered from Covid to be reinfected, while we are seeing many vaccinated people with reinfections. This brings us back to the same question: What is in the shot that “they” insist every person on the planet receive? If this was just about public safety, then those who are naturally immune would not be required to take the injection.

People With Natural Immunity Don’t Need to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine: Rep. Harris  The Epoch Times article

COVID-19 Survivors Have Broad, Longer-Term Immunity The Epoch Times article

141 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted Brownstone Institute

My Covid Virus Story:

I had the Covid virus in May of 2020 and now have natural immunity against contracting it again (more on that below). I didn’t have bad symptoms, but I also have a hyped up immune system since I take the vitamin protocols recommended by some of the top doctors in the U.S. who treat patients with Covid. — By treat, I mean they actually provide early, affective treatment to patients in need who seek their help. Not like most doctors, my own included, who say early treatment with medications such as Ivermectin and Hydroxycloriquin isn’t safe or affective. Needless to say I’ve fired my doctor. Why would I ever trust a medical professional who wasn’t willing to treat me with a drug that has proven safe for decades? — During my illness, I felt like I had a sinus infection, actually, a milder than usual sinus infection. Because my symptoms were so mild, I delayed in  taking Ivermectin. I do regret that since I later developed a cough that lasted for a couple of weeks.

My husband Kelly took Ivermectin the following day after first developing symptoms. He went to bed feeling really bad with fever and body aches. Once he took the Ivermectin, he began to feel better within hours. He never missed a day of work since he was able to clear his job sites and work in isolation. His only difficulty during the remaining course of the virus was a sever lower backache and some fever only at night. Oddly enough, the only lasting symptom of Covid for Kelly has been that pickles still taste like jalapeños all these months later. Crazy, huh?