Let’s Get Real

Okay – so this is me blogging, something I’ve fought against for nearly two years now. I tried a few entries, but for whatever reason, I just couldn’t force myself to keep at it. I’ve been told that readers like to connect with authors, and truly, I want to connect with them. What’s held me back most often is this feeling, or maybe it’s just a plain old lie as my friend Leann says it is. I keep thinking people don’t want to hear from me. I’m still not sure they do, but I’ll give this a try because my web guy Jason says I have to. I’m not usually so obedient, if you can call doing something a year after you’re told to do it obedient, but I know he is right. God has given me the gift of words. Ask my husband and he’ll assure you I’m totally filled to overflowing with them. If you were to crack open my head words would float up to the sky. That’s my plan, to crack open my head and my heart and share who I am with you.

So I did a survey about what people like about their favorite blogs, and one common theme was this: they like when the person is real and simply themselves. That kind of makes me laugh since I’m not sure you can handle the real me, but I’ll give it a try. Since this is an author page, I’ll try to weave in some writing and book information as I blog. I’ll tell you where I am on this journey with Jesus. As I go along, I plan to simply be open to how God leads and we will see how this goes.

My first confession: One thing you need to know about me is that I have a problem with memory. I was in a terrible car crash in my early twenties. I had a head injury that I think may be responsible, but since I can’t remember if I could remember before that, I can’t swear to it. I tell you this to prepare you that I may totally repeat myself thinking it’s the first time I’ve shared some great thing. So just humor me like you would your granny and read on. I’m like Dori the fish. That would be funny, but that’s exactly what the guys in my house call me at times. My son even got me a Dori t-shirt that says something funny, though what I can’t exactly remember right now. No kidding.

There is a place above to contact me, so if you have any questions or want me to address something specifically; I would love to hear from you.