Fall 2016 Series – I Took a Fall


Ironically, my greatest “fall,” spiritually speaking, was in the fall. Each year I am reminded of it: cooler temps, pumpkin spice everything, and oh yeah, I blew it! I don’t feel condemned – or convicted even. That’s all forgiven as far as the east is to the west. What it does bring to mind is this: why, why did I fall? Keeping that nearby will help ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Although my middle name is transparency, that’s not what today’s post is about. This isn’t about my failings specifically, it’s about the set-up for my failure. Trust me when I say: you better know what can and does set you up for a fall. Only in knowing that will you be sure to avoid those landmines.

I fell because I wasn’t on solid ground with Jesus. I was doing church. I was doing religious things. I was a pretty good person. I wasn’t, however, healed of all the crud from my past. Now I’m healed. I wasn’t over the misconception that the world might possibly bring me happiness or fill my empty places. Now I know better. I wasn’t living in the Word. Now I take it in like daily bread. Mostly, I didn’t at all comprehend God’s complete and unfailing love for me. Now I’m saturated in His love – THAT was the game changer.

I would say that I can’t fall now, but I know I can still occasionally “fall for” lies and temptations. I will dare to say this. I don’t think I can ever actually fall away again. I know Jesus too well now. I know He is all that fills me, all that heals me, and all that steals my heart day after day. While tempted by the stuff of this world momentarily, I know that I know only He gives life and love and completion.

Today, you must ask yourself: Am I on solid or shaky ground? Solid allows you to stand. Shaky sets you up for a fall – not the pumpkin spice kind.

Now you: What are you doing to keep yourself secure in Jesus? Do you meet with Him daily? Do you seek Him first in decision making? Do you know that only He fills those empty places? The biggest question in life: Is His love enough for you? I would love to hear from you.