New Book Release – February 21

This release will be a PDF version only.
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This time last year, I was set to begin a new novel that would end up being a true blessing to me. Honestly, after coming off writing a book as emotionally charged and raw as Deceiver, I needed to escape into a fantasy world. That’s exactly what A Thousand Blessings became to me. Even as I reread it now in preparation for this release, I get lost in the love triangle, yell at their idiotic decisions, and sigh in contentment at the ending.

I debated long and hard about publishing this novel as I usually do through print and Kindle versions. Ultimately, I have chosen to release as a PDF only. It’s just too different from what I normally write, and I wonder how it will be received by new readers. Too, because it’s a fantasy kingdom based setting, one with no set time period, I fear that historical junkies will balk at its vagueness. This is just a place conjured up purely in my imagination with people who can’t seem to get it right when it comes to love.

You will also notice, I couldn’t sprinkle Scripture throughout this story as I’m prone to do. In those days people didn’t have access to the Word in print as we do now, so to include it would be out of context with even a vague time period. But you better believe God shows up to guide this poor misguided girl.

So that’s my reasoning: It’s not typical of my writing and I fear disappointing. But you, if you’re reading this, may just want to give it a chance. Come on, $2.99 is cheaper than a cup of coffee the lady in green sells. It can’t hurt to try.

Proceeds of this book will go toward editing for the next Kindle release. That’s my goal, to have a new novel on Kindle by the end of 2017. So as easy as it would be to simply forward your PDF version to a friend, I ask that you direct them here to my site for their own copy instead.

About the book:

Travel with Princess Isabel as she journeys to an unknown land to
marry Colin, a widowed king. Elias, the king’s trusted commander, accompanies Isabel to her new home. When faced with peril along the way, the greater danger is the fondness that develops between the two. Isabel must choose between her heart and duty, while Elias decides if he will fight for the woman he loves or honor his king and kingdom.

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