Our Security is the Hand of God

Just a little while ago, I was watching out my kitchen window and saw my little neighbor boy jumping on his trampoline. He was holding something, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Several minutes later I looked again and saw he was still jumping and holding onto something. Then it hit me, it was his security blanket. It crossed my mind: Too bad what we, as adults, can’t take our security blankets with us to cope with all of life’s ups and downs.

That thought no more crossed my mind when I remembered that we can and do, at least those of us who belong to Jesus. If you’re His, then He’s your Security Blanket – your covering, no matter life’s ups and downs. The key is that we need to learn to hang on, just like Cole was doing with his blankie.

While I considered using that in today’s blog, I thought of this: Yesterday, one of my favorite radio personalities was telling of how his toddler son was recently walking with him down the driveway. The boy is just learning to walk and felt the need for some independence. He pushed his father’s hand away. He took no more than a step or two when he went tumbling head over heels down the driveway. When he came to a stop, his dad said, “Are you okay, buddy?” The little guy just laid there, eyes wide in surprise, staring at his dad as if to say, “How could you let this happen?”

Don’t we do that? We push God’s hand away when His plan interferes with our independence. Then when we fall, we cry out asking why He let the difficulty happen. I think we adults are much more like children than we care to admit. Being like a child can be both good and bad. Jesus Himself said we should come to Him as little children. But He never said we should be childish, not in the negative sense of the word. Childlike is dependent. Childish demands independence.

It’s too easy once we get older to think we can handle things on our own. We can’t. Life has ups and life has downs. For both we need our Security Blanket – the hand of God to hold and guide us.

In my own life I’ve finally learned that the hand holding mine can be trusted. My Security Blanket has it all under control, no matter what my eyes can see. Not one thing will happen to me or the ones I love that isn’t first filtered through the One who carries us wrapped up in His loving care.

Not sure the point to today’s blog other than a reminder: Cling to your Security Blanket – the hand of God.

Comments are always appreciated. And feel free to share this with a friend if you feel it may meet them where they are.

I pray tons of blessings heaped upon you.