A Quick December Hello

I usually try to pull together some thoughts and get them sent out the first of each month in the form of a blog. I won’t be doing that this month. For us all December is such a busy month. I’m trying to decide what to buy grown kids and a Scrooge for a husband.

I have a trip planned to see that precious grand baby this weekend, so Christmas will come early in South Carolina. I’ve been prepping for that, buying little-kid toys for the first time in over a decade. Too. Much. Fun!

If all that wasn’t enough, I am trying to complete the manuscript for my new, nonfiction book this month. Almost there! Now that I’m on the down-hill slide, I can better establish a timeframe for publishing. Though I had hoped for a February release, it will instead be Spring of 2019 before I have the print version ready. If all goes as planned, we will have preview chapters available in February, the month of love.

All that said, I’m hoping your hectic month is filled with peace that only Jesus can bring. It takes effort on our part to stop and breath and remember that Jesus is the reason for this season. So in between Hallmark movies, shopping, and planning for family gatherings, grab hold of small moments of peace and joy by leaning into Jesus.

Many blessings to you and yours this season.
Grace and peace,