Tribulation Saints: Feed His Lambs

2023: Seriously, We’re Still Here?

Happy New Year!! Well, I’m not so sure happy is what most of us are feeling as the calendar flips the page. Maybe Hopeful New Year is more like it. Let’s pray we get to attend THE wedding in 2023. The rapture can’t come soon enough for me.

Below is my final installment in the Prepare a Sanctuary series, set to run on soon. If you missed any in the series, you can find them here: Lisa’s Rapture Ready Articles/Series.

Tribulation Saints: Feed His Lambs

Is there anything more tender and precious than a new believer who longs to know more about Jesus? Don’t you wonder what Jesus feels about those sweet, little lambs of His? Talk about a heart exploding with joy; that must well express His love for those who choose to newly walk with Him. I remember when I got serious about my faith, how I would watch anyone and anything on TV that was talking about Jesus. Now, looking back at who I was watching, I see how listening to anyone and anything wasn’t my wisest choice.

One wise choice I did make was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah. For as long as I can remember, he’s talked about the pre-tribulation rapture. I’m thankful he grew me up “in the way I should go,” so when all the signs of the end began to present themselves so clearly, I wasn’t caught unaware. Since that time, I’ve learned from many other preachers and teachers. I’m grateful for how they each gave me a word in due season (Proverbs 15:23). I’m grateful for how I can get online and watch sermons any time. I can order books that will show up at my door, no effort on my part other than a few clicks of my mouse. We, especially we here in America, have it pretty easy when it comes to growing up in our faith. Well, at least for those of us who choose to grow in our faith.

After the rapture, do you think the darker-than-now web will have Dr. Jeremiah’s sermons or Pastor JD’s or any of the truthful pastors’ and teachers’ videos available? Do you suppose all our warnings for the left behind will remain posted? Once the restrainer is removed, darkness will only become darker. All the good that’s been posted over the years will be removed. Nothing will stop the devil and his demons from darkening all which was once light.

Where does that leave our little lambs, those who are newly saved once Christians disappear as we warned them we would? Continue reading…

Merry Christmas to You!!

It’s all about Jesus!
This season, this life, it’s all about Him!

Thank you for doing life with me. This is such a crazy world we’re living in that we totally need each other. I wanted to take this time to tell you just how much your encouragement means to me. You are a gift.

Next week, I’ll send an advance copy of my last Rapture Ready article for the year. After that, I won’t “see” you again until next year. I hope you have a blessed Christmas with your family and friends.

Quick note: All my Rapture Ready articles can now be easily accessed in one place in case you want to catch up on previous articles or series: Lisa’s Rapture Ready Articles.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Much love,

Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep

Below is a link to my latest article titled, Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep. Feel free to share.

This article is part of my new Prepare a Sanctuary Series. I will be adding all articles here as they’re available.

In my previous article, Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep, we allowed our hearts to consider those who would call upon the name of Jesus during the tribulation as our someday family. In doing so, they become real, living, breathing people to us rather than a group we safely call from a distance, “the left behind.” Once they do become real to us, only then will their well-being become our concern and priority. For brand new Christians who will live in an unparalleled time in history, our care for them may allow them time to share the Gospel with others. And as I addressed in my previous article, making advanced provisions for these desperate people gives us constructive work for our hands and hearts in a current world where many, if not most, refuse to listen to our warnings.

While there are many facets to caring for God’s sheep, we can narrow most down to two categories: meeting physical needs and meeting spiritual needs. Whether those who enter your home after the rapture are new tribulation saints or the still-skeptical lost, what you provide for them may mean life or death, both physically and spiritually. Even if they arrive lost, they may leave found with the help of what you leave behind. This matters. Continue reading…