Prepare Your Home

The topic of preparing for what’s to come, whatever that may be, is burned so deeply into my soul that it keeps me awake some nights. It’s more than just preparations for my heart and home that steal sleep from me. I worry about “them”, all the people who don’t see what’s heading our way, especially unbelievers. People I know and love are picnicking on the tracks while a fast-approaching train is headed their way. I see the smoke off in the distance, but they don’t. I have been telling anyone who will listen, but many just nod their heads and humor me, and it’s evident that they don’t–or won’t–believe me. There’s something about the human brain that would rather put aside those things unfathomable, especially the idea that our nation may change and become something none of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.

Get your house in order is a phrase that has come to mind off and on for months, one I know is the Spirit’s leading to have what I need for when difficult times arise. This isn’t just a call to prepare for my own family. It’s a call to position myself to help, to share with others who will be in need.

I don’t know what’s coming, but I don’t see much good on the horizon until we hear that trumpet blast and see graves burst open before we all are caught up. (More on the pre-tribulation rapture of the church here.) If anything, I see only difficult days ahead. My husband talked with a man recently who had just gotten out of a five-year prison stint. He remarked about those of us who live in the world to which he’s just now returning, “You are all the frog in a boiling pot.” More so than we do, that man sees the drastic changes in the current world from the one he left.

For us, it’s happened little by little, day by day, so we’ve embraced, or maybe digested is a better term for how we’ve learned to accept the not-so-subtle move toward what “they” call the Great Reset. Each day another freedom is removed. Each day another despicable deed is called normal. We who desire to live life based on God’s Word and principles are hated and marginalized just a little more each day.

While it’s possible we may see a temporary national reprieve, it’s unlikely with how far the enemy has brought us. Rest assured; this nation will never be what it once was, socially, economically, or spiritually.

If you seek truth and look beyond what you’re spoon fed by the mainstream media, you will find these possible and likely threats looming:

  • Diesel/fuel shortages
  • Escalating food prices and shortages
  • Material goods depleted and skyrocketing in cost
  • Financial collapse and destruction of the dollar
  • Cyberattacks on our financial institutions
  • Loss of freedom and liberty to an ever invasive and controlling government
  • A sooner-coming-than-you-think digital currency that will monitor our spending and lead to governmental control over our money
  • Digital IDs which will contain an individual’s digital currency, vaxx status, etc.

As we see evidence of how volatile our supply chain is, experience escalating food prices, and often find store shelves lacking needed items, we must take the topic of preparing seriously. How can we forget the TP shortage of 2020? That’s become a source of humor these past two years, but seriously, that was just one item that stands out. Besides the TP, do you remember what it felt like to see meat counters wiped out and produce bins empty? For people living in a nation of plenty, it was a rather jarring sight. Now, with skyrocketing prices on foods and essential items, it makes sense to purchase a little extra each time you go to the store before prices climb even higher and before shelves are potentially empty again.

Below, I’ll give you some basics to consider, but I’ll leave the more in-depth details to other online sources. If you do the research and follow any of the thousands of prepper sites out there, you’ll find people who are years ahead of you in preparing. Don’t allow that to discourage you. Just begin where you are and proceed wisely. One thought is to pick a realistic goal. For example, begin with purchasing enough food to feed your household for two weeks. That simple goal is one you should meet no matter what we see on the horizon in our world. Simple storm preparedness would suggest you have at least two to three weeks of food and water on hand. Once you reach that mark, you can decide how to proceed and set realistic goals for your family.

Items to Stock – A list of items to consider when filling your pantry

Video/article links

Below are a few videos and articles of interest that reinforce just how likely food shortages will be here in the U.S. The first is a video I sent to all my email contacts. It may be something you want to share to help you reach those in your life who don’t see.

Controlled Demolition of Everything – Pastor Tom Hughes | This is a fact-filled video that raises serious concerns over coming food shortages and financial collapse.

Quoted in video above and worth the read. U.S. Farmers Issue Dire Warnings of Food Shortages as Most Americans are Clueless as to How Their Food is Produced and Unprepared for What’s Coming – Health Impact News

Something Strange Happening to US Food Processing Plants… – YouTuber: reallygraceful (New source to me)

Food Processing Plants…Still a Coincidence? – YouTuber: reallygraceful (New source to me)

Find your people

If you followed along with the How Do I Share What I Know? series, then you know in the Fear Keeps Me Silent session I express how much it matters that you find like-minded believers to connect with. In that context, the topic is about fear and how there’s strength in numbers that will help us speak up and out. For our purposes on this page, our finding our people has to do with creating a network of people we can lean on in times of need and in case of emergencies.

My husband and I are collecting our people along the way. As we have conversations with friends and neighbors and find others who see what we see, we are growing a list of people in our network. We know people who sell eggs and beef. We have friends with land where my husband can hunt if needed. It’s important to have people nearby who will stand with and for you when times get more difficult. While you’re building your network, also focus on building your storehouse.

Coming someday

i CAN cook

I have been experimenting with a few ideas of how I can cook entire meals with no fresh produce or dairy. I have a lofty goal of someday adding a few items here that I’ve found. But don’t wait on me. Experiment. Do an online search for “prepper meals” and see what you can find. I’ve actually come up with some meals that are better than just edible. Here are a few examples of some things I’ve tried:

  • Canned chicken, cooked spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce with black olives and mushrooms.
  • Sloppy Joe sauce with canned beef, served over fried cornbread
  • Instant potatoes cooked with chicken broth, mixed with one can of potatoes roughly mashed for texture. Add garlic powder to taste.
  • Biscuits with Crisco (the hubs loved them)
  • Skillet biscuits that rise with a lid on a skillet on very low heat on the stove

Some recipes I’ve run across. 

2 INGREDIENT BISCUIT RECIPE TEST! Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara on YouTube