Previous Gathering Material

If you missed previous Daybreak Gatherings and would like to catch up, all assignments are located below.

Be About People, upcoming RR article by Lisa

3/14/24 Discussion Questions – PDF

Dwell With Jesus, by Lisa

2/22/24 Discussion Questions – PDF

Gather Up Courage, Upcoming Rapture Ready article by Lisa

The Power of Prayer, Pastor Brett Meador

2024: Embrace the Wait, upcoming Rapture Ready article by Lisa

12/21/23 Discussion Questions – PDF 

This will be our week to observe the Lord’s Supper together. We will only have questions this week related to that topic. Please consider these questions prior to our Gathering. 

12/14/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Holy Dwelling (Advance) Rapture Ready Article, by Lisa

12/7/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Middle East Madness by Pastor Brett Meador

11/16/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

How to Interpret the News by JB Hixon

11/9/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

11/2/23 Discussion Questions – PDFWill My First Love Be My Last? by Kim Lazenby

10/26/23 – Open discussion, no assignment

10/19/23 – Open discussion, no assignment

Sanctuary Series Part Four
Tribulation Saints: Feed His Lambs – Rapture Ready article by Lisa

10/12/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Sanctuary Series Part Three
Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep  – Rapture Ready article by Lisa

10/5/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Sanctuary Series Part Two
Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep – Rapture Ready article by Lisa

9/28/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Sanctuary Series Part One
Rapture: Before the Final Sunset – Rapture Ready article by Lisa

9/21/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

The Lonely Road to the Blessed Hope – by Pete Garcia,

9/14/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Rapture: Why Do Many Dread? – Rapture Ready article by Lisa

9/7/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Practical Ways to Share What I Know Same Rapture Ready article as 8/17/23 if you need a refresher

8/31/23 Discussion Questions – PDF – Part Two

Practical Ways to Share What I Know Rapture Ready article by Lisa

8/17/23 Discussion Questions – PDF – Part One

Fear Keeps Me Silent – Rapture Ready Article by Lisa Heaton
Note: Due to ever-escalating world events, some links listed in this article are no longer kept up to date.

8/10/23 Discussion Questions – PDF

Calm Down, Look Up – by Pastor JD Farag
Video to watch (Begin at time 2:11)
Transcript to read

8/3/23 Discussion Questions – PDF    

9 Essential Reasons for Understanding Biblical Prophecy – by Jonathan Brentner (frequent Rapture Ready contributor)

7/27/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


Embrace Your Design – Part Two  – – Previous Rapture Ready article by Lisa

7/20/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


Embrace Your Design Part One – – Previous Rapture Ready article by Lisa

7/13/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


Soldier of Hope Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton

7/6/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


A Word of Hope – The questions below are our only assignment. I hope you get the chance to read the verses and answer the questions during your quiet time prior to our meeting. 

 6/29/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


Heavenly Hope – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
Since we have a brief assignment to read this week, I would suggest you do a little additional reading from Scripture. These are two of my favorite chapters that remind me of God’s care during times of adversity: all of Psalm 18 and Psalm 27.


Heavenly Home – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton


Always Pray to Not Lose Heart – Prophecy Update by Pastor JD Farag
Transcript to view written topic


Hang in There, Homesick Heart – Lisa Heaton Rapture Ready article


Note: This is a long, well-prepared and presented article. If you’re anything like me, this will all be too much to take in and remember. That’s okay. We will use the material as our discussion points, which will help you familiarize yourself with some of the main attacks on a pre-tribulation rapture. Then I will have links to this and additional articles on my Rapture page for you to retrieve later if you are ever in a conversation with someone who wants to refute the pre-tribulation rapture based on the arguments covered in this article. To access them, go to our usual page and then scroll down to the Rapture link.

5/11/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


Watch Meet the New World Religion – Pastor Billy Crone on Jan Markel’s radio program

Watch Simpsons: Rapture: Left Below – An example of Hollywood’s programming and conditioning and further proof of the truth of the pre-tribulation rapture

5/4/12 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF – Note: Correction on verse address. Under the Israel and Aliens heading, the correct verse address is Matthew 24:32.


What is the Pretribulation Rapture?, Todd Strandberg


“Rapture of the Church” video and article, Dr. David Jeremiah – see note

*** Once on the Dr. Jeremiah site page, scroll down to get to the first video titled, “The Rapture of the Church. (You don’t have to watch the other videos located on the page.) The remainder of the page contains an article we will also cover during our discussion groups. There are many interruptions to the flow of the article, so keep going until you reach the end of the page.


The Rapture, Pastor Tom Hughes
In case you want the Left Behind video that Pastor Tom showed, you can find it here: Rapture in Church video

4/13/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


Judgment is Coming, Pastor JD Farag
Sermon Transcript

4/6/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


The Rapture is Still Happening, Pastor JD Farag
Sermon Transcript

3/23/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF


Unexpected/Unprepared, Pastor JD Farag
Sermon Transcript

3/16/23 Discussion Questions – Printable PDF