Christmas Short Story – 2016


My Christmas Movie Christmas
Available December 20th

I’m working away on my first Christmas story. I didn’t make the final decision to write this until just before Thanksgiving and only actually began writing November 27. It’s gone by like a blur. I’ve tucked away hours here and there and am nearly finished.

I have to say, it hasn’t turned out as I expected in the beginning, but my books rarely do. I find I follow the story more than I write it. For me, this story has touched a tender chord in my heart. I can’t say it’s brought healing on the matter, but I acknowledge that it’s given me incentive to work with Jesus on it. With a short story, there’s no room to delve too deeply into a wounded heart, but as I said, it can strike a chord to a melody that leads you to Jesus.

Since the story has meant something to me, it’s already worth the unexpected journey. But my truest hope is that it will mean something to you, my readers. As much as we love to be entertained, it’s more important by far that we never cease to be chasing after Jesus.

Set up:

Abigail is a career woman with no time for love. As a matter of fact, she’s spent the majority of her life wondering why anyone would lose herself in a man. This Christmas, however, she finds herself placed in situations where she is forced to look at herself for who she has become and why she’s made the life choices she has.
I’ve enjoyed taking many cliches from the Christmas stories we all love and incorporating them into this story. That was my intention from the beginning, and I planned to go all out and have fun with it. What I didn’t expect was that they would lead our heroine to see, with new eyes, her ultimate love story.

Note from Lisa:
We can all take inventory of our current lives – both the good and bad in us – and follow the root to experiences that shaped us in childhood. Many choose not to follow that trail for fear of what they will discover. More than a decade ago, I began to follow those roots and have found profound healing over my most debilitating issues. I encourage you to begin to meet with Jesus each morning. Share your hurts and ask Him to show you His perspective on the matter. Through His Word, He speaks into your heart. Allow Him.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Short Story – 2016

  1. I can’t wait to read this story. I firmly believe your books are anointed by God. Every book of yours has touched my heart. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

    1. How precious is this? What a sweet thing to say. Thank you for being such an encourager. I’m still sitting here typing away tonight. I’m tired. I keep trying to fit this in between all my other obligations. You just made every hour worthwhile. 🙂

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