Timing is Everything

The title, Timing is Everything, is a phrase I recently wrote in the margin my Bible. I was reading in Acts where Paul wanted to go to one place, but the Spirit blocked his path and sent him elsewhere. I considered that and wrote out the phrase above.

Little did I know that two days later I would be reading that phrase in my hotel room as I had my quite time. I just sat shaking my head. It was the morning after watching my granddaughter be born. It meant so much to me because I wasn’t supposed to be there at that time and Ellie wasn’t due for nearly two weeks more. The plan was for me to go to South Carolina when she was born in early May. After a local baby shower here, though, I decided that her mama, Citlalli, needed to be able to play with all of Ellie’s pretty clothes and blankies before she arrived, so I took off.

The night I arrived, we had dinner and did a little shopping with the swollen footed mama-to-be. Later that sleepless night, I prayed, “Lord, it sure would be nice if that baby would come while I’m here.” Little did I know, Citlalli was in labor in the next room. Timing is everything.

I left SC with a broken heart. I wanted to stay and help. I wanted to do for them all I could to make the transition with a newborn easier. I wanted to live closer so that I could watch Ellie grow. I knew that visiting every few months would never be enough to satisfy my need to hold that cutie.

Once again, I’ve had a recent plan that didn’t quite turn out like I expected. On June 2nd my husband, son, and I were scheduled to go for a visit. Less than a week before our departure date, I received a call. My son took a job that would require him to work out of town for a long period of time. Because of that, my June 2nd visit became a mission to collect mama and baby and bring them to TN to stay for a few weeks – maybe longer.

Timing really is everything. God knew all this would pan out so that this NaNee would have time with her grand baby. I’m over the moon to be so close to them and be able to pour into to Citlalli as she figures this mom thing out. I’m reminded of the Titus verse about older women helping the younger. It’s a privilege to do that.

More than anything, my prayer during this visit is for salvation for Citlalli. Pray that with me. She’s a precious, sweet girl and a wonderful mama. I’m praying for us to develop a Naomi and Ruth relationship. May my God become hers. If I accomplish nothing else over this summer, I pray that I live out the love of Jesus before her.

This little girl is a true gift.

Do you have a timing is everything story? If so, I would love to hear it.