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There are few books I can read more than once, but in this case, I hope you will give Unmending the Veil another read. There are new scenes included throughout the story. Also, due to the changes I’ve made, new ideas have begun to flow. I see a sequel in the future ~ Lord willing.

Also, I hope you will tell a friend about Unmending the Veil.

If you’re wondering how this all came about, continue on with my blog below.

These days, I’m trying to catch my breath from this past year, from this rocky, educational, soul crushing journey I’ve been on. Every step of the way, I was looking toward a destination that just won’t arrive. More and more, as time went by, I felt like a failure and genuinely considered giving up. Don’t worry, I’m not. I plan to give up at least once a year. I won’t. I can’t. There’s this line that I learned from Max Lucado. “If I don’t the fire will consume me.” It’s what he said in response when an older pastor asked why he wanted to step into pastoral ministry. Same with me – if I don’t write, the fire will consume me. I can’t quit. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Recently, God has been doing a peace-giving work in me. He has shown me that all along it’s been about the journey, about what He has wanted to accomplish in me. He’s been tinkering around inside of me in ways that I wasn’t even aware. Now, all the sudden I find new things about me that surprise even me. God has developed perseverance (endurance) in me for one.

“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” James 1:2-4

I’ve faced trials this past year for certain. In learning to take my writing to the next level, I discovered techniques that I didn’t even know I was supposed to be using. An example is to show not tell. In my books, I spend a lot of time in my characters heads, telling what’s going on through their thought life. I was supposed to be showing through scenes and the character’s interaction with others. Funny things is, I’m so relational, I love writing scenes more than narrative summary. I dunno. I guess I thought I was supposed to explain more. This new technique is what has led to new scenes in UtV.

Now, of course, that has led me to fret over all of my earlier books. I can’t stand the thought of knowing they are out there, not done right. Most readers don’t even notice what’s wrong, but I know now. It won’t let me rest. When faced with the idea of revising 600,000+ words worth of books – no kidding – I died a little inside.

For a while I was like, “No way, I can’t do that. I quit!” But this new me, the one who is ready to persevere (endure) is ready to dive in. I have two revisions behind me so far with three to go. So in the upcoming months, when you see revised editions popping out here and there, you’ll know why. I knew they weren’t my best work, and for me to do this thing right, I have to go back and do the work.

Now you: (I never want to leave you out.)

Our lesson in this is two-fold:
First, are you constantly looking toward some end goal, or are you focusing on what God wants to do in and through you along this journey?

Are you a woman climbing a ladder at work that never seems to bring you to your desired success? As a mom, are you frustrated with little kids and ready for them to be a little more independent? Are you trying to get pregnant, thinking that a baby is the end goal? Or looking for a spouse? We are all on a journey of some kind. And God has the same plan for each of us during the journey: to teach us, to grow us, to mold us, to show Himself faithful to us along the way, to make us more like Him so that we reflect who He is to others. (and more) Are you letting him?

My advice to you is this: Begin to have this conversation with God during your quiet time. Ask Him to help you see the importance of the journey rather than focusing on your end goal. Truth is, we may never make that destination that we think will make us happy. You may not. I may not. It simply may not be how our life works out. Still, He’s faithful and will make something good of the journey if you’ll let him.

A second thought for today: Are you thinking of quitting? Is your faith in some area tested beyond what you think you can handle? Hold on a little while longer. Talk to Him. Ask for direction. He has promised to give wisdom when we ask. Believe He will answer that prayer.

Many years ago I prayed this: Help me quit quitting!

As an early writer, I was shredded by every little piece of rejection or criticism. So I would quit for a year or more at a time. This prayer, that I quit quitting has been answered. All these years along the journey, He’s been toughening my skin to rejection and tendering my heart toward His direction. The outcome has been that I’ve quit quitting. You do the same. Don’t give up, believer, in the good Shepherd who is leading you down the path you need to go. Persevere. Endure.

I love you dearly and am thankful for the ways in which you constantly encourage me with your replies and messages.

Blessings on you and yours today,

Better Days

As you can tell from the pic, my daylilies have seen better days. When they begin to bloom early in the season, I’m always happy to see the bright pop of yellow. By July, however, they have more brown leaves and dead shoots than I can keep up with plucking. All in all, they are just blah. Sure, there is some good left, a few blooms here and there, but by this time of year, the blooms seem to grow so near to the ground that they are hardly visible.

Last year my friend told me that her grandmother always cuts her daylilies back with good results. So this year, I’ve decided to try it. It’s been about two weeks now since I cut them back and so far so good. We’ve had some rain, so the new leaves are growing fast. (right) I just hope for new blooms at some point.

There’s a point to all of this besides daylily care. When I garden, God often shows me much about life. Some of my greatest revelations have come through gardening. This time, He was leading me to take stock of my new season, and to comfortably release what was once my main purpose. As a mother of now grown children, I’m in unchartered territory. It’s easier to know what to do and how to help younger children. Keep them relatively clean, feed them, help them with school work. In this new season of their adult lives, I find myself wanting to do more than I should. I want to fix things they need to fix for themselves. I want to help when my help will only likely hinder. They have to grow and learn – even from their mistakes.

As I cut the old leaves away, ones that were once beautiful and colorful, I saw myself. I’m not a young mom now. That causes sadness so real it’s nearly palpable. They aren’t little and gooey and cute any more. I’m no longer the center of their universe, and if I’m healthy, they can’t be mine.

Yes, being a mom of little guys was a wonderful season, but now there’s new work ahead of me, a new season of growth. I have to prune back the old to allow the new to breathe. I have to cut back what was once receiving all my energy in order to allow new leaves and stems and blooms to flourish. I still have much to offer my children, but it needs to be based on a healthy relationship, not one where I’m hanging on because I worry about them, or because it’s comfortable for me to still focus on what I know.

It’s scary to let God have their messes, but since I’ve seen me on even my best day, I know He’s way more capable of directing their future than I am. And it’s not just about them and wanting to “do” for them. You know what I mean if you have children who are getting older. For years they were your identity. You were Mom. Now, with children who need you less, who are you? That’s what the new season is all about, allowing God to show you and me who we are to Him and who He wants to transform us into. There’s no telling what’s there beneath all the browning old leaves. We have to allow Him to cut them away. You and I have a new season to bloom, older mom. Some of God’s best blooms can come out of this season. Don’t underestimate the plans he still has for you. He has better days ahead.

From one mom to another, no matter your season or if you are a spiritual parent rather than a biological one, I’m saying, it’s okay to step into a new season. Allow yourself to grow and blossom wherever you’re planted.

Many blessings and blooms to you,



In every situation we believe someone, either Jesus or His enemy. Those moments when I’m most anxious, I can trace the root back to a lie I’m believing. Peace tells me I’m believing Jesus. Anxiety is brought on by listening to the other guy.

This seems overly simplistic, but technically it is that simple. No matter your situation, you can follow your trail of fear, anxiety, anger, discontentment, or any other negative emotion back to some lie you’re believing. Maybe it’s a fear that a horrific diagnosis will come. In that case you are believing that God won’t come through for you. Or maybe you’re entangled by anger and resentment after a spouse or loved one lets you down. Often when our disappointment is due to the action or inaction of another, we are believing that our happiness rests in them or that God isn’t enough.

If you find yourself at peace, follow that trail. You are most likely taking God at his word in a matter – or maybe many matters. I’ve found that peace is found only in belief, belief that God is ever present and in control of it all: an unexpected diagnosis, the future of a prodigal child, the failing marriage, and money crisis. When we find ourselves believing Jesus, peace prevails even over difficult life circumstance.

I hope you will look at your own areas of belief. Whom are you believing? The presence or lack of peace will be your sure indication.

In my own life, I’m discovering after a season of upheaval, that I wasn’t believing Jesus in a matter. He’s never let me down before, so I’m not exactly sure why I doubted this time. Like we all do, I allowed what I was seeing to heighten my unbelief and distrust. That whole “walk by faith and not by sight” thing was blown out the window. Before I knew it my mind was filled with what ifs and maybes. I’m back on track now and holding onto belief with both hands. Honestly, I still haven’t seen Him come through. I’ve decided, though, if He doesn’t, if I’ve missed what I thought I was hearing, then He still has my best at heart. The outcome will still be for my good. I simply have to believe He is good and loves me and has this all covered.

I guess we all have those moments when we need to take a step back from our overload of emotions and ask ourselves what we are clinging to, the Truth or a lie.

My best to you this wonderful 4th of July. Be safe. Have fun. Run fast once the fuse is lit.