In every situation we believe someone, either Jesus or His enemy. Those moments when I’m most anxious, I can trace the root back to a lie I’m believing. Peace tells me I’m believing Jesus. Anxiety is brought on by listening to the other guy.

This seems overly simplistic, but technically it is that simple. No matter your situation, you can follow your trail of fear, anxiety, anger, discontentment, or any other negative emotion back to some lie you’re believing. Maybe it’s a fear that a horrific diagnosis will come. In that case you are believing that God won’t come through for you. Or maybe you’re entangled by anger and resentment after a spouse or loved one lets you down. Often when our disappointment is due to the action or inaction of another, we are believing that our happiness rests in them or that God isn’t enough.

If you find yourself at peace, follow that trail. You are most likely taking God at his word in a matter – or maybe many matters. I’ve found that peace is found only in belief, belief that God is ever present and in control of it all: an unexpected diagnosis, the future of a prodigal child, the failing marriage, and money crisis. When we find ourselves believing Jesus, peace prevails even over difficult life circumstance.

I hope you will look at your own areas of belief. Whom are you believing? The presence or lack of peace will be your sure indication.

In my own life, I’m discovering after a season of upheaval, that I wasn’t believing Jesus in a matter. He’s never let me down before, so I’m not exactly sure why I doubted this time. Like we all do, I allowed what I was seeing to heighten my unbelief and distrust. That whole “walk by faith and not by sight” thing was blown out the window. Before I knew it my mind was filled with what ifs and maybes. I’m back on track now and holding onto belief with both hands. Honestly, I still haven’t seen Him come through. I’ve decided, though, if He doesn’t, if I’ve missed what I thought I was hearing, then He still has my best at heart. The outcome will still be for my good. I simply have to believe He is good and loves me and has this all covered.

I guess we all have those moments when we need to take a step back from our overload of emotions and ask ourselves what we are clinging to, the Truth or a lie.

My best to you this wonderful 4th of July. Be safe. Have fun. Run fast once the fuse is lit.


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