Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep

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We tell; most won’t listen. Helplessness is what we often feel as believers who see the rapture drawing ever closer and what’s coming for those who will be left behind. If you read my article, Rapture: Before the Final Sunset, here on, then you’ll remember me saying, “I’m tired of trying to shake church people awake and convince them of truth. I think I will enjoy a brief season of helping a people who will be desperately looking for answers and food and Jesus. Let’s focus on them for a while.” Them, meaning those who will be left behind. My goal is to build a sanctuary for them here in my home. I hope you will join me and do the same.

I’m a doer, a put-something-in-my-hand kind of girl. I have the heart of Mary and the hands of Martha. In my frustration with blinded believers and the unwilling-to-listen lost, I need to do something productive with my time as I keep looking up, watching for Jesus and listening for the trumpet blast. I’m sure you can relate. We need to be on mission, missionaries who just happen to reach a tribulation-dwelling people.

It’s not easy allowing ourselves to see them as anything other than nameless, faceless people who refused Jesus before the rapture. If we can lump them into a broad category like that, “the left behind,” then our hearts are a little safer. That is unless you know and love living, breathing lost people, family and friends who think you’re crazy. In that case, it’s nearly impossible to get them off your mind these days. Whether or not you’re close to any who will be left behind, this is a moment when you need to allow yourself to feel compassion for them, even at risk of your heart. That’s the actual point of this article, my challenge for you to see the left behind as your mission field. Continue reading full article…

Daybreak is a way of life, one of exposing the rising darkness and telling of the soon-coming Light. We only have so many daybreaks remaining before that final sunset when we, as believers, are caught up in the air to meet Jesus.

As an author, Lisa Heaton is a storyteller with a heart for truth. Her greatest desire in her fiction and nonfiction work is to challenge the reader to discover the truth of who Jesus is and who they are to Him. Now, here as we wait for the any-minute arrival of Jesus for His church in the rapture, Lisa’s latest mission is to warn the lost and wake the found and to help others discover their unique voice to share the truth of our times. More at Contact Lisa at

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

I’m thankful for your encouragement this past year. No matter how crazy the world gets, no matter the rising darkness, I know I’m not alone. You remind me you’re out there, seeing what I see and reading what I write. Dare we hope this will be our last Thanksgiving before we’re all caught up? I look forward to seeing you in the air.

Blessings to you and your family from mine,


Rapture: Before the Final Sunset

If you’re following along with the videos and articles of interest I share, you will find them here each week:
Week in Review

Below is a link to my latest article titled, Rapture: Before the Final Sunset. Feel free to share.

Anticipation is building. Can you feel it? We know daybreaks are dwindling and that soon, the final sunset will come when the Son sets out to claim His bride. The concept of us being raptured, us being snatched away from this wicked world just in the nick of time, is so utterly fantastical and inconceivable that it’s sometimes hard to believe it is true. We look at Scripture just to make sure we haven’t missed something and are reminded that our God, the one who parts seas and stills the sun, is capable of something just that big, something as extreme as parting skies and bursting open graves. It’s not our imaginations at all. He’s coming.

Even amid our present frustrations over how we’re ignored and ridiculed for our beliefs in a pretribulation rapture, our internal excitement grows. Maybe for some you can’t call it excitement exactly, but you’ll sure call it a relief to get out of a world so hardly recognizable compared to where you grew up. We’re all growing weary waking and warning. Others won’t listen. For most, they’ll only believe when the world as they know it ends, so we can’t wait for the day to prove them wrong. Then it happens like a solid blow to the chest as reality settles upon our hearts. Our rescue will leave billions to suffer. Some of those billions will be our loved ones, our parents and siblings, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, coworkers and even co-laborers in the church. 

Truth is, because I have a vivid writer’s imagination, I can’t allow myself to dwell much on those thoughts with any great detail. They’re just too crushing. Four horsemen riding, bringing wars and famine, death and destruction, is all too much. From the very second after our disappearance, perpetual, spiritual nightfall will settle upon an unsuspecting people. No matter how long the period between the rapture and the signing of the covenant that will officially kick off the tribulation, when the light is removed, darkness will quickly become utter blackness with no restrainer to restrain. Inexpressible wickedness will rise and fill the vacuum left by the exodus of the church. Continue reading…