In order to conduct a full investigation, you need the evidence. Then, with firm evidence, you can make a solid determination of the facts. The sources below will help you come to your own conclusions and see how various world events are interrelated and clearly signaling the imminent return of Jesus for the church.

Online Resources

To get you started, I have provided a list of pastors, teachers, and websites that I’ve narrowed down as my go-to sources. Each believes in a pre-tribulation rapture. I don’t know the detailed doctrine of these men and women, but so far I haven’t seen anything that raises a major red flag. I practice great caution in whom I allow to pour into my life and belief system. Lies and liars abound. We must always compare what we read and hear to the entirety of God’s Word. In a world filled with deception, only Scripture can be our plumb line.

These pastors, teachers, and websites offer sound Biblical teaching on last days in prophecy and current world happenings that point to the soon return of Jesus.


Included on this page are conservative news outlets and social media alternatives.


Israel’s existence as a nation today is a miraculous happening and the fulfillment of thousands-of-years-old prophecies that place this once dispersed people back on their God-given land. The current spotlight on Israel in the midst of current-world happenings is also a strong indication that last-days prophecies are finding their fulfillment as we move toward the rapture and tribulation.

Today’s Israel: the plight of a people under debilitating and divisive mandates.

Israel’s regathering had to occur for many other last-days prophecies to fall into place. Read more here.

One-World Order

You will find videos, articles, and sites to read more on the Antichrist, the already-emerging one-world government, one-world economy, and one-world religion.


This section provides links to the experts, doctors, and world-renowned virologists, in areas such as: masks, PCR testing, immune support, withheld medications, etc.


Here you will find information that is being censored from mainstream and social media.