Mining for God

The longer I walk with Jesus, the more I realize how many un-mined treasures are still to be uncovered. Each year I discover something new about my Father. It may be an attribute of His that I “knew” about but one not yet experienced on a personal level. Until I actually experience something, it tends to remain in my mind rather than my heart. Encountering God in a fresh way and experiencing something new in a difficult season causes what I know in my head to drop into my heart and become my actual possession.

As I’ve spoken to women over the years, the one thing I’m most passionate about is for them to actually encounter Jesus on their own and stop taking others’ word for it. It burns like wildfire in my heart for struggling women to know the intimate relationship with Jesus that He’s led me to over this past decade. Still, too many settle for too little and never mine for treasure of their own.

I’ve recently come across a new speaker, a man who captures my absolute attention with his laid back, casual manner of communicating the truths of God’s Word. Before listening to his sermons, I did a little research on him – something I advise you to do before listening to any speaker. Know who’s teaching you. This wonderful man of God went home to be with Jesus in 1993, but he left a lasting legacy for believers through his online sermons.

I’ve only listened to a few so far, but these are such needed messages. There are so many available, something like 1500, that I wasn’t sure where to begin. So I just started at the top of the page with the Attributes of God series. The first one is invaluable to so many Christians. Dr. Strauss gives a concise and practical “how to” on reading your Bible. I read one article about him where the writer says, speaking of Dr. Richard Strauss, “He knows how to put the cookies on the bottom shelf.” What a great description of this pastor’s style. He takes what others complicate and makes it easy to reach. I love his style.

The next in the series is about getting to know God, something that seemed impossible for me during my early years trying to walk out my faith. Dr. Strauss’s message simply communicates truths that it’s taken me years to learn on my own. I hope you’ll listen. They are in text format as well, but if you walk or bike or garden, I strongly suggest you listen and absorb his sermons. I’ll add the link here.

Spiritual Gold 

As you see, the site is called, and aptly so. This fine man of God will help you mine in the areas that will most help you get to know God. If you check him out, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If it’s not this pastor who leads you toward truth, I hope you are continually striving to know your Creator better. Each day we need to be spending time in the Word and in prayer. No matter how deep we dig, we are still a lifetime away from knowing the depths of God the Father through our relationship with Jesus.

Blessings to you today. Go and mine for God!

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