White Irises – Stone Series

This will be my last stone in the series. I may pick back up later, but for now, I feel I’ve exhausted the topic. In fact, I’m taking the remainder of the year off from the blog so that I can focus on family and the holidays. I will resume in January.

I love this stone story. It’s one that makes me smile at the wonder of it.

Backstory: I missed God. I thought I had heard Him speak, but I was wrong. At the time I was in a weakened state anyway. We had just suffered the loss of my sweet step-dad. During his sickness and ultimate death, I was there taking care of him and my mom. Many things had my mind scattered, so the fact that I heard deceptive voices shouldn’t surprise me.

When I realized I had missed God, I was devastated. Not that what I thought I had heard was what I wanted – that wasn’t it at all. My devastation came from the fact that I had missed Him at all. The enemy took full advantage of the fact that I was so dumbfounded and planted all kinds of doubt in my mind. I started to wonder if I had ever heard God at all. (See why I need my stones? They are proof that God is active in my life.)

There was a morning when I was awake super early, like 4 a.m. early. I was praying, trying to reconcile all my questions before God. I thought about the Bible and all the stories of His clear and out-loud direction to His people. I considered His miracles, then asked, “Where is the God of the Bible, the One who does all those miracles?” No answer.

The following day I called a friend of mine before going to visit. She had lost her vision the year before and was left with the ability to only see shadows. I tried to go hang with her at least once a week, and that was my Tuesday. While on the phone she told me she had a surprise for me.

When I arrived I followed her into the kitchen. She opened a little devotion book and began to read from it. It was titled “Friends,” so I figured it had to do with our friendship. Duh… It took me a few seconds for it to hit me that she was reading at all. I was squinting at the text without my glasses, so I couldn’t understand how she was reading it at all. Finally, I said, “You’re reading!”

From there she told me the story of what had happened the morning before – yes, the morning I had prayed asking where the God of the Bible was. She had woken up and gone to open the blinds like she always did. It took her a few seconds to realize she was actually able to see out her back window. She was looking at white irises growing on a hill behind her house. Whaaa!!!??

If you read my last blog, then you know my purple iris story. Are you kidding me, that God would actually use irises again to take hold of me? Yes, it was her miracle of restored sight, but it was also my miracle of restored faith. All the doubt that had been plaguing me was gone. I hadn’t missed God. I had listened to a foreign voice. That’s something we all have to take great care to avoid. Our enemy is more than happy to plant seeds of doubt. Especially when we’re in a weakened state, he pounces like the cowardly lion that he is. Still, God was right on time to counter the enemy’s attack with His out-loud reminder that He was right there and had heard my prayer.

If nothing else has come from this Stone Series, I hope you have begun to look around you and watch for the many ways that Jesus is vividly alive in your life and how He pursues your heart to make it wholly His.

I pray the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you.

Much love to you, and have the happiest Thanksgiving.

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