How Do I Share What I Know? Series


If there’s one common thread between believers who see what’s going on in this world and the nearness of Jesus’ return, it’s this one question: How do I share what I know? If you’ve read the Daybreak book, you were challenged in the Enter Mission chapter to warn the lost and wake the found. That’s a terrifying thought for most, so I’m providing resources below to encourage you, motivate you, and get you ready to speak up. I hope you find them useful. Share as you would like.

How Do I Share What I Know Series:

  • How Do I Share What I Know? – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    This link leads to the kick-off article that encourages the reader to utilize Daybreak, Last Days of Light as a free resource, a soft entry point for sharing what they know with others. Free Daybreak Download included in the article.
  • Enter (My) Mission – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    The information contained in this article is a recap of the Prepare and Training Ground pages on the Daybreak site.

Series Installments:

  • My Role: How Do I Share What I Know? – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    Accept My Role: This session challenges the reader to decide if they are willing to step up and speak out when others around them remain silent. Silent shepherds, especially, are starving the sheep.

“We must rise from amongst the flock, those of us with a heart for our Shepherd and His sheep, and offer truth when our pastors ignore the signs of the season and leave the people unaware of the coming rescue for the saved and the tribulation for the lost.”

  • My Design: How Do I Share What I Know? – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    Embrace My Design: We’re not all designed to speak from a stage. It’s the everyday interactions with people in our lives that offer us opportunities to share what we know.

“He made you ‘you’ with purpose. The Potter knew exactly what kind of pot you needed to be to carry Living Water to the thirsty in your community. Right now, in today’s world, a thirsting-to-death people have no idea of what’s coming.” 

  • Fear Keeps Me Silent – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    Elevate My Voice, Part One: Before we will be willing to speak out, we must overcome our greatest obstacle: fear.

“Time is running out. We see it and even feel it deep in our bones. That means it’s time to figure out how to make ourselves heard in a way where people will listen. Once our eyes are opened and we see the darkness rising in this world and our nearness to Jesus’ return for His bride, finding our voices to share with others is a necessary exercise that will require us to hurdle every obstacle in our paths, including ourselves.”

  • Elevate Your Voice, Part Two – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    We all need practical ways of telling what we know, including conversation openers to practice and have in our pockets for when the opportunity presents itself.

“The fact is, many, maybe even most won’t listen. You’ll think you’ve failed, but what farmer plants a seed then stands back feeling disappointed over the mound of dirt? He allows God to water and bring sunshine upon that seedling. As the world spins ever out of control, that seed may grow and the person later come back to us and ask questions.”

  • How to Share with a Silent Shepherd – Working Concept

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