How Do I Share What I Know? Series


If there’s one common thread between believers who see what’s going on in this world and the nearness of Jesus’ return, it’s this one question: How do I share what I know? If you’ve read the Daybreak book, you were challenged in the Enter Mission chapter to warn the lost and wake the found. That’s a terrifying thought for most, so I’m providing resources below to encourage you, motivate you, and get you ready to speak up. I hope you find them useful. Share as you would like.

  1. How Do I Share What I Know? – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    This link leads to the kick-off article that encourages the reader to utilize Daybreak, Last Days of Light as a free resource, a soft entry point for sharing what they know with others. Free Daybreak Download included in the article.
  2. Enter (My) Mission – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    The information contained in this article is a recap of the Enter Mission and Training Ground pages here on the Daybreak site.
  3. Prepare for Your Role Series
    Accept Your Role: This Just Got Real – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    Video and written material provided
    Embrace Your Design: It’s Okay to be You – Rapture Ready article by Lisa Heaton
    Elevate Your Voice: Part One – Video and written material provided
    Elevate Your Voice: Part Two – Coming June of 2022

If you want more information about the changing world we live in, the Daybreak.Team site has other helpful resources that include links to videos and articles for topics such as:

Week in Review: Recent videos and articles the Daybreak team has watched

Investigate: Resources to view evidence and teaching on how prophetic Scripture is being fulfilled


Bible Prophecy Teachers/Websites


One-World OrderOne-World Government, One-World Economy, One-World Religion


Enter Mission: Encouragement on how to prepare your heart and home 

Training Ground – Prepare your heart as a soldier

Prepare – Prepare your home for difficult days ahead

Sanctuary – Prepare for those left behind