I don’t know what your specific role is in our collective mission of warning the lost and waking the found, but I do know it’s bigger than you. Mine is bigger than me. I recently expressed the next phase of a project I’m working on in this way: God has given a Goliath-sized task to some David-sized people. We’re all David sized compared to what’s going on in this world. Isn’t it a relief to know that God is on our David-sized side?

Know what it takes to do big things like slaying a giant? You just have to have a David-sized heart for God, a heart that says yes even before you know what He’s asking of you. Will you do that, say yes? Another thing it takes is to be okay with your size and station. David was just a shepherd boy who used the tricks of his trade to get the job done while others, seasoned soldiers, were too cowardly to face such a menacing enemy. He tried on and found Saul’s armor and sword didn’t fit him, so he reverted to a rock and a sling like he had used to protect his sheep. It worked, and a giant fell. But David’s story didn’t end there; he eventually grew into a mighty warrior, a fierce soldier who led the charge in battle.

Now it’s our time, man or woman, young or old, to become equipped soldiers willing to take on the Goliaths in our world. Like it or not, know it or not, we each already stand on the battlefield of this last-days planet. I’m not saying we go out and take on the global elites who will stop at nothing to dominate this world. I am saying that we place ourselves in the position to allow the Restrainer to restrain through us. We can’t snivel and cower in the face of evil. No, we shine brighter and speak louder. We step into our own for-such-a-time-as-this moment. Read the story of the Jews in the book of Esther. Even after Esther’s intervention, for the Jews, that didn’t stop the threat of assault against their homes and families. What it did do was give rise to a people who would stand firm and not accept their extermination without retaliation.

We, as believers, need that same rising-up spirit now more than ever. Banded together, arms linked in solidarity, we are a formidable army that will be examples to and remembered by those left behind after our departure. Yes, we know through Scripture that here at the end, a great apostasy in the church will come. It’s here already. Nowhere does it say, though, that those faithful few who remain can’t go out in a blaze of glory. In Luke 18:8, within the bounds of a parable, Jesus said, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?” What if we can answer yes to that? We see the church waning. We see deceived believers. Pastors in most churches either don’t see the deception or are afraid to speak against it. I honestly don’t know which is worse. No matter what the unfaithful do, we don’t have to stand down. We don’t have to be silent. Let’s choose to embrace our role, rise up, and speak forth.

If you have read Daybreak (free here), then you understand what Safe Haven is, a fortified base of operations for a team of people willing to use their abilities to restrain evil. Recently I’ve been viewing my home and even my spiritual life as me being at my Safe Haven. I realize that we would all do well to find our own Safe Haven, that place where the Lord provides for, protects, and prepares us for the tumultuous days to come. Those who are masterminds of this great global agenda have come too far to back down now. We are all committed at this point, them to taking control of this deceived world and us in full revolt against the deceiver. With that in mind, preparations must be made for our hearts, our homes, and for the left behind who may find our homes a sanctuary in the midst of their horrific, left-behind lives.


Prepare Your Heart – Your Spiritual Safe Haven

Are you the rising-up type? If not before, are you willing now? Will you step onto your training ground and allow God to stir your David-sized heart into action, whatever that may be? If you’ve been reading the evidence under the Investigate tab and are now convinced that this world is winding down, then this is your next logical move, to step foot onto your Training Ground and prepare for battle. We, as soldiers in this last-days conflict, need specialized training to be effective on the battlefield. In the Training Ground section, I will encourage you to find your unique role, take up your staff and your sword, and to fix your eyes on your Commander and King.

Training material to help you embrace your design, prepare your heart, and prepare your soul for battle.

Prepare Your Home – Your Physical Safe Haven

We, here in America, have never known times like we’re experiencing now. Even world wars and the Great Depression didn’t leave our citizens as vulnerable as we are at the present. At least then people knew how to grow their own food and meet their own basic needs. That’s not the case now. Our national and individual dependence on transportation and imported goods have left us at the mercy of a system that is being manipulated, depleted, and systematically destroyed. In a world where evil intentions abound and the hunger for power and control drives the worst of humanity, we can’t bury our heads in the sand and not prepare as best we can. A major element of our mission is to prepare for our families and others who don’t see what’s coming. 

Ways to prepare your home and prepare to help others in need.

Prepare a Sanctuary – Their Future Safe Haven

Unborn-again sheep. Doesn’t that term make your heart sigh? During the tribulation, people you know and love might someday call upon the name of Jesus for salvation, and in so doing become the sheep of His pasture. Don’t you hope that someone somewhere offers them hope? New believers in Jesus will long for any shred of encouragement they can find. Let’s be that source of hope. Consider these ways you can reach forward into their future, to blaze a burst of light into their darkness.

Practical ways in which you can provide for the unborn-again sheep, those tribulation saints who may come to find sanctuary in your home after your blink-of-an-eye exfil.