Why Isn’t Jesus Trending?


Since today is National Donut Day, you can imagine what’s trending on Twitter: donuts and Krispy Kreme. I kind of get that. Who doesn’t love donuts, right? I even saw a recipe with a glazed donut strawberry shortcake. Now that’s how to eat fruit!

This isn’t a new thought for me. Actually, the other day, I tweeted, “Why isn’t Jesus trending?” #whyisn’tjesustrending. I still wonder. Well, not really. I know why. He’s not newsworthy as far as most of the world is concerned. The Good News isn’t what people want to hear. They want to hear outrageous stories and dirty gossip. Seems the only ones who want to hear are people like me who already have. To them, Jesus is old news.

I wish this blog was filled with new and innovative ideas. I want to know how to make Jesus trend. In the broad sense of that, I suppose I can’t, but I can do my little part. It feels like a drop in the bucket most days, but even drops eventually equal a tablespoon. I write stories that lead hearts to Jesus. Maybe I can’t make Him trend on Twitter, but I can help a few desire to pursue Him more passionately.

That may be the key to getting Him to trend. If we all do our little part, seems like that might lead to a larger trend overall.

I want Jesus to trend. Now go and want it too. Allow Him to trend in your family, in your marriage, in your church and workplace. Let what you do and write on social media and the words that come out of your mouth express love. Give to those in need. Be His hands and feet. He will trend if what the world sees is His believing people acting trendworthy.

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