Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

I totally stole that line from a Hallmark movie I watched last night. I love it! I know in my own life, that phrase is exactly true. What I’ve discovered is that living on the edge of what feels safe is exactly where God has called me to live. I used to play it safe, fearing I might fail. Now, I’m doing the craziest things and really putting myself out there. I still might fail. That reality hasn’t gone away. What I do know is this: if I do fail, I’ll just try again. I’ve tasted this walk on the wild side, this adventurous life with Jesus. I can’t go back now. Life would be too boring there in the safety-lands.

What does this have to do with you, you might wonder. I guess I’ll just keep it simple and ask you: are you on the great adventure or are you just mundanely living out life until your time comes and you kick the bucket? Will your life have mattered beyond yourself and your immediate family? Do you follow your God given dreams and purposes? If not, why? What’s stopping you?

I’m not suggesting that everyone has some public purpose, but I can guarantee you that you have a place in the kingdom, a place of service that will allow you to touch lives. You may be ultra-gifted with teaching pre-school Sunday school. You may help with the youth. Both are callings that will take you to the borderlands of what feels safe. To commit to service can be scary. Honestly, service and ministry complicates what could otherwise be an easy life. Touching lives is often messy. But oh what a reward that mess will offer in the long run, both to you and to those you serve. You’ll never know the blessing until you’ve given it a try.

So begin life today by stepping out of your comfort zone. Hey! It’s VBS season. Start there. Say Y-E-S to V-B-S. (Sorry, that was a song one year.)

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