Falling in Love with Jesus – Fall Blog Series


I have done a lot of falling over the years. Spiritually speaking, first I fell away and then I fell back. Best of all my falling, though, was when I eventually fell in love with Jesus. Little did I know, that was what my empty heart had longed for all along.

From an early age we, as little girls, are taught to look for “the one.” I did just that. I looked at this one and that one and another one. Each and every one only left behind another wound and an emptier me. I would almost use the excuse that I didn’t know Jesus was “the One.” Truth is, I’m sure I heard it at some time or another. You have, too. If not, I’m saying it now. He is the One.

Sadly, I didn’t listen or believe that Jesus could actually be the answer to the question my heart was asking. I genuinely thought there had to be some man somewhere who could meet my needs and make me feel complete. I thought that a love story was of human origin. I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Human love can be beautiful, but only as a compliment to the supernatural and divine love of God. Why won’t we believe that until we exhaust every other human love resource and find ourselves broken? I wish I had an answer for that.

Near as I can figure, it boils down to this. We think we need Jesus plus, Jesus plus a man to love us – or friends, or children, or whatever you try to fill your emptiness with. When the simple truth is – you just need Jesus. You need His love alone. All else only compliments but never completes.

I can’t possibly do this kind of love I’ve found with Him justice. I can only call it “in love” as if that compares to what we consider romantic “in love.” I use that term since “in” gives the impression of submersion, of being contained deep within someone else. That’s me now – me in Him and Him in me. I often don’t know where I end and He begins anymore. I could go on about trust and submission and other church’ified words. Instead, I’ll use words that most come to mind when I think of Jesus:
Tender, intimate, protective, leading and guiding, He gathers me to Him, He stoops down, He’s shares me with others and yet is jealous for me to be completely His. These words are but a few of what I feel and genuinely experience with Jesus, but even as I look at this list I come back to the term “in love.” I’m not sure we have a term in our language that could possibly express all the love Jesus evokes in us once we begin to experience it.

Now you: What are words you would use to describe the love you feel with Jesus? Chime in here and share your thoughts with me.

If you don’t have a list of words that gush out of your heart in response to His love for you and yours for Him, then I challenge you to pursue Him and the love He wants to demonstrate toward you. He really is “the One.” Seek Him and He will be found by you.


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