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Blog: Surprisingly Thankful


Question: What are you thankful for now that you weren’t at the time?

That’s the question that a radio station was asking listeners to call in and answer this morning. That intrigued me for today’s blog. I would love to hear your answers.

Backstory before I answer:
I was once in a church service where the pastor was talking about how the Spirit intercedes for us. His example: We are asking for a Cadillac, but the Spirit knows what we need and prays for a station wagon instead. We get the station wagon.

That pastor’s statement led me to a wonderful revelation. There was a time when I was so unhappy in my marriage that I literally cried out, “Lord, get me out of this marriage!” Come to find out, the Spirit was crying, “Lord, fix this marriage!”

I’m thankful the Spirit asked for what I needed rather than what my lying heart thought it wanted. I can’t imagine all the disasters that would have befallen us and our children had we divorced. If God would have listened to me, I wouldn’t be living out this precious new life with my husband – my best friend. Something transformed in our marriage – we did. Eventually, we both decided to submit to God. Because of that, we learned how to be we rather than him and me.

Now, having learned this lesson, my prayers are different, and unanswered prayers are viewed through a new lens.

What’s your story of a surprising reason for thanksgiving?


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