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It’s about time I have a full length novel available, huh? I find it hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since Deceiver was released. Hopefully, from now on I will have one or two books to release per year. Believe me, I have so many stories already written in my head that all I need is the time to sit down and write them.

This past 18 months has been spent getting my bearings, learning some new skills, and honing my craft. I like that – honing. đŸ™‚ Now, I’m ready to get some writing done and new stories released.

Our team has been brainstorming and looking for the best way to reach more readers in the future. Since what I write is most often stories that will lead the heart to Jesus, we genuinely consider this ministry. Many of you have contacted me with stories of how a particular story has urged you into a closer walk with Jesus. You can’t possibly imagine what your stories mean to me. I read them every one and cry over some.

Consider it from my standpoint: I sit here and face a screen and peck away at a keyboard. It’s easy to forget there are minds and hearts out there that are being impacted for the Kingdom. What else can that be but ministry? I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives – if even from my quiet office.

In order to reach more readers, a few things need to happen:

One, tell your friends about what you read if you like a particular story. Direct them to or Amazon for purchase. Word of mouth is the very best way to develop a following.

Two, for the print and Kindle books you have read, reviews on Amazon are helpful. Those good reviews help others decide to read.

Finally, pray for wisdom for us. It’s so easy to get tunnel vision and do things one way for so long that it becomes difficult to see new opportunities. Prayer is always appreciated.

If you decide to purchase A Thousand Blessings, share your thoughts here on the site through the contact form. We would love to hear back from you and maybe even use your review, whole or in part, to do some promotions.

Thanks for your encouragement and support. I hope you enjoy Isabel’s story.

Blessings to you,



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