A New Song for a New Season

In nearly every season of my Christian walk, I can identify with someone from the Bible. God’s Word is filled with story after story of real people – not characters – who get it right and get it wrong, heroes and zeros. I think most of us can relate to many of them depending on the season of life we’re living and our level of closeness with God at the time.

At times I relate to Peter for his impetuousness and zeal. I can make a real mess of things in my passion and desire to “do” things for Jesus. Too, I am more often than not willing to walk out to meet Jesus on the water. Being Peter can be both good and bad.

I can be terrified like Gideon but willing to do things God’s way. I have struck out to places I don’t know like Abraham and “helped” God make His plan happen. I could give you at least a dozen other examples.

Over the years I have probably most related to David for various reasons – the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of him. Now, in this season, I relate to David – in a good way.

As he would pour his heart out in song, his words rising in pure worship then plummeting in despair, clearly, David knew that God was his only hope. God was David’s one desire. I’m in that place. Recently, I have been writing songs for my son Zack. I’ve known for decades that I have songs in me and from time to time have written lyrics that get tossed into a drawer. Now, though, words to songs seem to be pouring from me in a way that has completely amazed me. Maybe I should say they are being poured in so that they may be poured out.

When this began to happen back in October, I could have said, “Nope, I am a fiction writer. That’s my gig” and ignored this urging. But I didn’t. This new way in which God is using my gift of words is such a blessing to me. It’s worth learning some new things and at times getting negative feedback.

This leaves me with two questions for you:

One: What person from the Bible do you most relate to in this season and why?

Two: Do you keep yourself stuck in a fading season just because it’s too much effort to pack those winter clothes away and get out the spring ones?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


Grace and peace and songs of worship to you,


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