Count the Cost

Am I prepared to count the cost? Are you? The task set before us who see what’s going on is monumental and requires us to take stands and have conversations we never dreamed we would be having.

Week 8/27/22

A couple of interesting things I read last week:

Trending Towards the Tribulation: 7 Indicators To Watch – By Jan Markell

Central Bank Digital Currencies &…Enslavement – By Britt Gillette
This is an older article, but I appreciate how clearly this writer explains the overall concept and dangers of the CBDC transitions. It’s actually still so relevant today that I didn’t even notice it was published last year.

2 thoughts on “Count the Cost

  1. I, too, am saddened sometimes, by the inactivity of the church, to proclaim the truth that Jesus is coming soon. The words you just spoke in the video about letting go, I understand. Family members are not allowing me to see old relatives, because I did not get the gene modified poison injected into me. I have an Aunt who will be 100 in May. She doesn’t understand why I cant come to see her, its heartbreaking, but I’m standing strong. Also best friends –that the shot conversation must be avoided because of the distance between us. I voiced my opinion before they took it and they did it anyway. Same with people at church. I would shrivel up and shrink away if it weren’t for the Holy Spirit and the Lord lifting me out of the pit of despair at times. But we are more than conquerors…….in Christ.
    I resonated with your Book Daybreak, wow, great to read what my mind ponders. Thank you, sister Lisa for your heart cry, it is mine as well. God bless you abundantly in the Lord.

    1. Hey Denise,

      Thank you so much for touching base. I’m sorry you’ve been kept from your family. It’s tragic how such evil has destroyed so many good families. It was a real point of contention in my extended family, though that seems to have tapered off now that the vaxxed are getting sick more than the unvaxxed. But I know that will ramp back up with whatever next big vaxx they try to push on is. I’m proud of you for standing strong.

      Yes, if it weren’t for the Lord lifting us up, how could we stand? This week, I’ve had a few tough encounters with someone I’m closest to over what I see coming. I’ve been hurt more than once this week, so much so that I’ve really had to seek the Lord to remind me I’m actually seeing what I’m seeing. This is tough for sure. Can you imagine what Noah felt warning all those years with no rain?

      Thank you for your encouraging words. They helped me through my harder-than-usual week.

      Have a great rest of the week.

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