8/20/22 Update/Week in Review

I’m excited to officially roll out my Daybreak with Lisa channel on YouTube. I’m adding to the already-there content, so nothing is going to be removed with this shift in ministry focus. Below is my first Daybreak with Lisa video as a quick recap of what Daybreak means, how we know each new daybreak could be our last before that final sunset when the Son sets out to get His bride.

Prepare Your Home

10 Important Skills You NEED To SURVIVE Another Great Depression – Preparing For Crisis – The Macs

Items to Stock – This link will take you to a new page on the Daybreak site where I list suggested items to get you started in stocking up. I have been adding links to items I’ve purchased and informative articles on shelf life, uses, etc. for a variety of items. I hope to continue to add links to resources I find helpful, so check back often.

Week in Review 8/20/22
Links of interest recently added to my site

Mother Earth’s “Cleansing” and the Rapture: How the Green Narrative Is the Demonic Lie for the Rapture – Pastor Brandon Holthaus
I watched this video in my small group. Very worth the time to watch.

Will Catastrophic Crop Losses In 2022 Lead To Unprecedented Shortages In 2023? – by Michael Snyder at Prophecy News Watch

If you’ve never read Daymond Duck’s articles, I recommend them. He lays out the changes in our world in a clear and precise manner.
World Government Accelerated – Rapture Ready article by Daymond Duck

The End Game Hasn’t Changed – Rapture Ready article by Daymond Duck

Famine, Pestilence, and Control Developing – Rapture Ready article by Daymond Duck

Thanks for being part of the Daybreak community. I’m glad to know you’re “my people.”

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless,

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