Merry Christmas to You!!

It’s all about Jesus!
This season, this life, it’s all about Him!

Thank you for doing life with me. This is such a crazy world we’re living in that we totally need each other. I wanted to take this time to tell you just how much your encouragement means to me. You are a gift.

Next week, I’ll send an advance copy of my last Rapture Ready article for the year. After that, I won’t “see” you again until next year. I hope you have a blessed Christmas with your family and friends.

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I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Much love,

Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep

This article is part of my new Prepare a Sanctuary Series. I will be adding all articles here as they’re available.

Below is a link to my latest article titled, Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep. Feel free to share.

In my previous article, Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep, we allowed our hearts to consider those who would call upon the name of Jesus during the tribulation as our someday family. In doing so, they become real, living, breathing people to us rather than a group we safely call from a distance, “the left behind.” Once they do become real to us, only then will their well-being become our concern and priority. For brand new Christians who will live in an unparalleled time in history, our care for them may allow them time to share the Gospel with others. And as I addressed in my previous article, making advanced provisions for these desperate people gives us constructive work for our hands and hearts in a current world where many, if not most, refuse to listen to our warnings. Continue reading full article…