Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep

This article is part of my new Prepare a Sanctuary Series. I will be adding all articles here as they’re available.

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In my previous article, Tribulation Saints: Unborn-Again Sheep, we allowed our hearts to consider those who would call upon the name of Jesus during the tribulation as our someday family. In doing so, they become real, living, breathing people to us rather than a group we safely call from a distance, “the left behind.” Once they do become real to us, only then will their well-being become our concern and priority. For brand new Christians who will live in an unparalleled time in history, our care for them may allow them time to share the Gospel with others. And as I addressed in my previous article, making advanced provisions for these desperate people gives us constructive work for our hands and hearts in a current world where many, if not most, refuse to listen to our warnings. Continue reading full article…

3 thoughts on “Tribulation Saints: Care for His Sheep

  1. Thank you Lisa for another awesome article. This may seem far fetched but I have always ‘had an eye’ for anything that could be used for smuggling the gospel to others. I won’t share them here since nothing on-line is private, but it is something to think about. The idea of smuggling the gospel gets my brain going in high gear. 🙂 Our new ‘family’ will need to do this, in order to spread the gospel. It’s funny how I can see a normal, everyday object that others see as trash, and my brain jumps into fast forward mode. Also, not only do I have Bibles, biblical books, printed out articles, home decor, etc… in my home that are readily available but I have always hidden small New Testaments throughout my home. That way, if the first person (people) who enters my home destroy everything (those who monitor us and know where we Christians live), perhaps the next person who would be looking for food and shelter would find the hidden item’s. Just wanted to share this with you.
    Always looking forward to your articles. Oh! I almost forgot. I could not print out the ABC’s cards, so I re-worked them into a Word document and it ended up being perfect for one of my ideas of hiding them in my home. Thank you so much Lisa. Have a
    great weekend. Lots of love to you and Kim.

  2. Thanks so much Lisa for your helpful information. I will definitely be copying some of your resources. I also am enjoying your book. It seems so unreal how fast things are changing. I have been decluttering for at least 7 years. To me it is just stuff. One of my motto’s has always been less is more. I love a simple life which gives me more time with Jesus. I see a lot of medical events happening in my very small community and I can’t help but to relate it to the vaccine. Some will listen while others will not. I stay in prayer. Thanks again for all your helpful information! God Bless you, Marilyn

    1. I’m so glad you’re liking the book. I’m doing a read back through it myself to see if it’s something I want to include with some of my left-behind materials. I guess it would be a bit of a history lesson by then, huh? It can’t hurt for them to see the deception that so clouded their minds before the rapture. I hope, too, they would see God’s love for them through the storyline.

      You’re so right. It’s all just stuff. And those “medical events” are happening everywhere. I just don’t understand how others aren’t seeing the connection, that the vaxx arrives and suddenly death rates rise so astronomically. I’m just a simple girl, and it’s evident to me.

      Thanks for touching base. I’ll have the final article in the series after Christmas. Glad you’re following along.

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