Trusting Your Boundaries

Zoe makes the cut again this week.

Last night as Zoe was roaming around in her courtyard, sniffing out invaders, she got close to the fence. Where the ground is not level, there is a large gap between the fence and ground. I watched as Zoe got closer and closer to the fence, stretching out her neck as if tempted to crawl under, but she only sniffed and came back to me. In the four years since we’ve lived here, she’s only snuck beneath the fence once, and that was because a neighbor was on the other side talking to us.

The more I thought about, the more I considered God’s boundaries for us and how they are there for our protection. Just like we have Zoe’s courtyard fenced to keep her in and bigger dogs out, God has given us bounds of protection. It’s not that He wants to keep us from having fun or trying to find out if the grass is really greener on the other side. He knows the dangers that lurk out there on the other side. His heart is always to protect His children.

I’ve tested the waters on the other side and nearly drown. I’ve stuck my head beneath the fence and got it lodged there util He came and wiggled me back inside. I’m done with that now. These days, I’m happy to explore all that God has for me here in His courtyard. Since there are so many adventures waiting for me in the Kingdom, the world has lost its appeal. I guess that comes with maturity. 🙂 And maybe with a stiff neck from getting stuck a time or two.

All this to say, trust God’s boundaries and know that His motive is love. No temptation out there is worth the danger you’ll face if you go poking your head under the fence.

Love and blessings to you,

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