Goodbye July. Hello Monkeypox.

We are nearly finished with the blazing hot month of July. I’m not complaining since I have my granddaughter Ellie here with me, and we’re spending our summer days floating in a pool. Because she’s here, I intend to unplug for a brief period and spend my time with her.

I can’t help but wonder if, at any moment, this world might upend on us and some disaster prevent my next visit with her. I hate that I’ve become this person, someone who watches and waits for the worst to happen. But how can I not with all we know is heading our way? With all that in mind, I’m trying my best to enjoy the time I do have with her. You know, that may very well be a good lesson for us all. We need to do our best to make the most of the freedom we do have and our ability to spend time with those we love. Now that monkeypox is on the horizon, their latest scare tactic, we have to know the outlook can’t be good. I’m guessing a lockdown will come just in time for elections in November.

I often have to keep in mind that “they” will go to any and all lengths to keep their momentum going, this diabolical plan to control the world and its people. They’re doing a great job so far considering how easily they have led the masses to comply. We, the not-so-easily-led minority, can be certain they have plans to undermine us every step of the way, but we don’t have to worry. We just prepare to the best of our ability, love others, and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Whatever they bring our way, we can know that God’s protection over and His plans for His people will always prevail.

All this to say, you might not see me for a minute or two. Soon, though, I hope to hit you with a few videos and a new series titled Prepare the Heart. In the meantime, I will continue to add my Week in Review articles and videos here, just a few things that I happen to catch during the week.

May God bless you and keep you cool and monkeypox free.


Week ending 7/30/22

Issue Brief: The Next Pandemic | WHO Announces Monkeypox Global Emergency – America’s Frontline Doctors

“DO NOT lock down; DO NOT inoculate; DO NOT FEAR. 

7-22-22 WEF Gas $’s Need to Rise – Prophecy Update, Pastor Brandon Holthaus

Proper Chronology Of The End Times – Pastor Brandon Holthaus and Pablo Frascini.
The belief of a gap of years between the rapture and the tribulation is held by many. These guys hold to this belief and make a sound case. I’ll have to do some more investigating and studying on this one. It’s nice, though, to hear a variety of opinions. I always value Pastor Brandon’s viewpoint, and I like Pablo. I’ve listened to several of his podcasts.

I can never recommend Pastor JD Farag’s Prophecy Updates enough. He doesn’t just tell us what’s going on; he gives us encouragement to persevere throughout this unknown journey.

Prepping and Trusting God: Are They Compatible: Rapture Ready article by Dave Hubley

Elitists’ Goal: Wipe Out Good Food – Dr. Mercola

“All of this — health, food security, independence and freedom — are what the global elitists, led by the World Economic Forum, intend to destroy so that they can then roll out a new food system based entirely on patented, cheaply-made, ultraprocessed imitation foods, including lab-grown32 and plant-33 or fungi-based34 meat substitutes and “clean, green” protein alternatives such as cricket meal and mealworms.”

We are rapidly accelerating toward a world where globalists plan to replace meat with bugs and synthetic protein. Celebs are jumping in, promoting meat alternatives. Did you see the video of Nicole Kidman eating bugs? She called it micro livestock. Yeah, it’s a thing.

Along this same line, check out this link. Bugible | THE POWER TO PESTER: WHY KIDS ARE KEY TO EDIBLE BUG ACCEPTANCE is a campaign to market bugs to children.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye July. Hello Monkeypox.

    1. These people have lost their minds. Sadly, they truly intend to push us all into believing this is for the betterment of the world. I think I’ll stick with my biscuits and gravy, thank you.;)

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