8/13/22 Daybreak Update/Week in Review

So far, the month of August has seemed unproductive for me from a work standpoint. I had my granddaughter Ellie here to visit from South Carolina. Kim, best friend and ministry partner, was in town for a week of editorial work, video plotting, and a little R&R time. The time away from Daybreaking was more productive in my mind than on “paper” since the Lord has used these past two weeks to bring creative ways to mind of reaching out to others. That’s what this is and always will be about, reaching others, to wake and to warn.

In case you’re wondering, I love hearing from you. I had a reader, Heather, send me some ideas of what can be added to the preparation list. I like that she chimed in on this conversation of preparing our homes for what we see as an inevitable season of food shortages and possible upcoming lockdowns. Not only am I trying to be here for you, I like knowing you’re here for me too. We must find our people. A time will come when we feel isolated and alone. We need to know others are out there, like-minded, God-hearted people who see what we see and feel what we feel.

Preparing your home:

In the weeks to come, I hope to take the list of items to stock up on from the Prepare Your Home page and expand on some of the categories with additional information on how to store non-canned-good items. Things like pastas, rices, dried potatoes, and oatmeal will have a longer shelf life if they are stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. I hope to share a video soon on how to do that. This is a new skill for me, and I’m finding that others feel just as anxious about this process early on as I have felt. I’ll post updates to the page here.

Prepare Your Home – My site page to get your started preparing if you haven’t yet visited.

IS Your House in Order NOW? – Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara – I appreciate Patara’s urging toward staying busy preparing. I’ve had a week off to love on my granddaughter, but as I get ready to take her home, already I’m thinking of my next projects as I prepare my home. There’s not time to spare. She said it a few times in the video, speaking of the government, “There’s no one coming to help you.” I agree with that. We will help one another in community, but don’t expect your government to save you when whatever comes: food shortages, war, or natural disaster. If you feel the urging of the Spirit to prepare, then go all in.

Week ending 8/13/22

Hope For Our Times: 10 Reasons Jesus Is Returning Soon with Co-Host Eric Barger – Co guest host – Pablo Frascini

This Is Worse Than We Thought | Prophecy Update –  Pastor Tom Hughes
This is an alarming look at climate engineering that will leave 40 million people without water on America’s West Coast.

7-30-22 Yuval Harari: The Oracle for the Digital Dictatorship [Prophecy Update] – Brandon Holthaus
This is a startling video. This Harari guy, who Pastor Brandon is discussing, is one wicked dude. Stick with it to the end. The way Pastor Brandon describes Satan’s need for technology in order to mimic God’s abilities makes so much sense.

Digital IDs are coming.

Dozens Of Sailors Confirm U.S. Warships Were Swarmed By ‘At Least 100’ UFOs: Report – The Daily Wire
Aliens will be used to explain the disappearance of millions of believers after the rapture.

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