Rapture: Before the Final Sunset

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Anticipation is building. Can you feel it? We know daybreaks are dwindling and that soon, the final sunset will come when the Son sets out to claim His bride. The concept of us being raptured, us being snatched away from this wicked world just in the nick of time, is so utterly fantastical and inconceivable that it’s sometimes hard to believe it is true. We look at Scripture just to make sure we haven’t missed something and are reminded that our God, the one who parts seas and stills the sun, is capable of something just that big, something as extreme as parting skies and bursting open graves. It’s not our imaginations at all. He’s coming.

Even amid our present frustrations over how we’re ignored and ridiculed for our beliefs in a pretribulation rapture, our internal excitement grows. Maybe for some you can’t call it excitement exactly, but you’ll sure call it a relief to get out of a world so hardly recognizable compared to where you grew up. We’re all growing weary waking and warning. Others won’t listen. For most, they’ll only believe when the world as they know it ends, so we can’t wait for the day to prove them wrong. Then it happens like a solid blow to the chest as reality settles upon our hearts. Our rescue will leave billions to suffer. Some of those billions will be our loved ones, our parents and siblings, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, coworkers and even co-laborers in the church. 

Truth is, because I have a vivid writer’s imagination, I can’t allow myself to dwell much on those thoughts with any great detail. They’re just too crushing. Four horsemen riding, bringing wars and famine, death and destruction, is all too much. From the very second after our disappearance, perpetual, spiritual nightfall will settle upon an unsuspecting people. No matter how long the period between the rapture and the signing of the covenant that will officially kick off the tribulation, when the light is removed, darkness will quickly become utter blackness with no restrainer to restrain. Inexpressible wickedness will rise and fill the vacuum left by the exodus of the church. Continue reading…

3 thoughts on “Rapture: Before the Final Sunset

  1. Just reading aloud the last 7 chapters of the book of Revelation, and weeping for those left behind, but rejoicing with the redeemed.
    Looking forward to your posts on how you are preparing for those left behind, as I have stated my own preparations. Pastor Tom Hughes gave me a few ideas as well. How can our church fellow believers not discern the times? Never understand that. God bless you my sister. Stand fast! The last Daybreak is coming!!!

  2. I absolutely love this article. I viewed it on Rapture Ready and am happy to find it here, where I subscribed for the first time tonight. I shared it on my FB page, updated my online testimony into print, and added it to Pete’s (he’s my favorite) “Rules for the Remnant” currently in our prayer room, on the refrigerator, in the food supply, and in our glove compartments. I rejoice, still with heavy heart, at the thought of “perfect strangers” finding our stashes, Bibles, letters, prayer-saturated sanctuary. When I see what we are doing mirrored by you in print, so compassionately and thoroughly, I am moved to keep going; I am assured that I’m not alone, nor crazy. God WILL invade the universe in a way that defies our imaginations…and especially theirs. As their eyes will be opened to the reality of the truths that we valiantly tried to share while we could, may they give Jesus the glory that they were on our minds…because we were on His. Much love and appreciation…Maranatha, and see you soon. 1 Corinthians 2:9

  3. Hi Lisa – this article really resonated with me. This last spring I began “prepping” by buying shelf stable food, paper products, and water. It was in response to the supply chain issues and other indicators that hard times are ahead. In my mind, I never really thought my husband and I would be needing them, but they would be for my neighbors who will be left behind. This summer, I felt a strong urgency to write a letter to whoever might come in to my home after the Rapture. It is in an envelope on my fridge titled “READ THIS if we’re gone and a bunch of other people have disappeared as well.” I purchased David Jeremiah’s book After the Rapture and am leaving it in plain view. I also sent it to my brother and told him to please, just hang on to it, you will need it some day. I follow Pete’s articles and videos and that one you mentioned really got me too. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Praying we’ll be whisked away soon. Come, Lord Jesus.

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