Meantime: In Our Weakness

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 Welcome to the continuation of the Prepare Your Heart Series. Below is a link to my latest article titled, Meantime: In Our Weakness. Feel free to share.

I had a plan for how I will answer my call, here in the meantime while I wait for Jesus. I have series topics all mapped out and a production schedule for when to have them completed. I had a plan–and then the Lord sat me down. So, what’s a writer to do but look up and listen up when the God of all heaven gives you a season of pause? What am I supposed to do at my weakest?

Different than most, I live with lower blood pressure. For me, it’s doable–until it’s not. These past months I can’t seem to keep it at my steady, livable number. When it drops to a certain level, as in 70 something over 50 something, I’m in a fog mentally and even get blurry vision. I’m in that place now and can’t concentrate enough on the Prepare Your Heart series I’m working on to make the next installment come together. I read what I wrote last and can’t really understand what it’s saying. I tried to capture some existing ideas on the new article, but it all feels like gibberish.

Should I just give up this week and not reach out to you? Absolutely not! I want to share my weakness in the hopes that it will resonate with your own. I know you feel it too, even if it’s not physical weakness like mine. If you don’t feel weak in any area at all, then good luck with that pride coming before a fall (Proverbs 16:18) season where you’re about to scrape your knees. If any of us were strong enough to get through this life, we wouldn’t need Jesus to be our Savior. Continue reading…

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